PCT Day 100 Chill and Karma

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  26th July 2015

Mileage 5.7

Paynes Lake (1600.7) to Etna (1606.4)

Day 100, yay for me, 1606.4 miles. I must have good Karma, I thought to myself as I finished hiking just under 6 miles to the trailhead near the town of Etna. A car was waiting there. It was local trail angel, Eric. Myself and Teflon arrive about 10 minutes before Mr & Mrs Smith and HumpIt. Eric kindly shuttles all of us into town where we organise accommodation, laundry and a very satisfying meal at the local Cafe. Etna seems to be a typical slow dying town with lots of character and friendly locals who know about the PCT and are all too willing to wish us luck.

Nothing of note happened on this day, so I am unable to make it sound any better than this. Sorry to all the loyal readers who cant wait to read every new post I make. Sometimes I just need to relax and chill. The evening was spent watching our favourite comedy sketches on youtube. I chose Roy and HGs commentary of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Specifically the commentary of the gymnastics. Do a search, its funny. Teflon and the Smiths chose SNL as their favourites. 


Etna Brewery

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