24th August 2015

Mileage 10.2

Mosquito Creek (2226.9) to Trout Lake (2237.1)

I checked the latest information on the fires while in my tent, it was 6.30am. Not much official information but some hikers posted that they might close the section of trail 10 miles ahead of me. I raced down the trail with Crunchmaster. After eight miles I stopped to check the latest information from the PCTA. No changes. Well, two miles later the trail was closed. Crunchmaster and I just sat there not knowing what to do. There was no traffic on the road and no cell phone service. I decided to hike two miles southbound on the PCT where I previously had service.

On route southbound we ran into about 10 other hikers. We broke the bad news. With cell phone service we called the PCTA, no answer. We called the incident control centre, the PCT was closed, we were told. We called the local ranger station, the PCT was closed and not likely to open till October. Was this the end of the hike!

A group of us hiked back down to the forest road and after 2 hours got a lift to the small hamlet of Trout Lake. More calls were made, more research done. We made sure other hikers south of us knew about the closure. There had still not been anything official. We spent hours debating what to do. No clear solution was found. More information surfaced from hikers ahead of me, the visibility was down as low as 30 feet but getting better.

Quit the trail, walk on the road around the fire or find a place to sit out the fires for a week. They are the options. All have their positive and negative sides. I think I’m going to walk an unknown, untried road walk. If I do, I’ll be one of the first group going through. I’m aware that other hikers behind me might want to know the route, water info and mileage etc. For now I’m going to have a beer, a good nights sleep and make a clear decision in the morning. 



would you pick these people up?


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30 Responses

  1. Pat

    Good luck! I have enjoyed your journey and pictures. Not ready for them to end either.

  2. Lee

    Hope your way becomes clear, be it trail or detour, sooner rather than later! I know those behind you appreciate your ‘trailblazing’ info – stay safe and enjoy? whatever comes your way!

  3. anna

    Hoping it’s not the end just yet, I don’t know what I’m going to read when you do finish!

  4. sgmdwk

    If you can get around the Mt. Adams closure, the trail should be fine until you get north of Stevens Pass. Hope it works out for you.

  5. Roy Beyer

    After all the time and miles humped thru all types of terrain, I would find a alternate route to get to Canada. You have endured so much to not get to the border of Canada and complete your mission….I’m rooting for you every day…

  6. Jim

    Please let the hikers behind you what the conditions are and if they can complete their thru hikes. It was nice meeting you in Ashland. Good luck jim ivey

  7. Carla Fordman

    Hello! Thanks for posting your blog. I just found it and started reading in an attempt to get more details on the hike my father is currently doing. My Dad is out there on the PCT right now in Washington somewhere.. He is the climbing Lineman. He is 74. We worry about him. If you happen to see him will you tell him hello from Carla and that we love him and can’t wait to see him soon. God bless you and all the others out there.

  8. Cowpie

    What a bummer! I jumped on your site to check out your bike gear and found myself wanting to follow you the rest of the way. I hope all of you find away around. Shirtless, Steve and myself wish you all the luck possible.

  9. kenbigtrain

    Whether you can finish at this adventure or not, remember the most important thing is to look up, count your blessings, stay safe & realize there is always another day and another adventure waiting for us tomorrow. Peace and brotherhood.

  10. Carla

    Hello! Love your blog! Do me a favor. If you run into the Climbing Lineman tell him Hello from Carla.

  11. Tom Pyke

    Hey Shepherd, “Happy” here, Trevor’s dad. Thanks for ‘friending’ and hiking with Crunch. Looking forward to hearing how the road walk goes. Was pleased to hear you all were ‘keeping on’.


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