1st September 2015

Mileage 21.8

Stockcamp (2417.2) to Spade Creek Camp (2439)

Miles to Canada 221.1 (355km)

I woke cold and lethargic. The energy I had yesterday was depleted. I don’t think it stopped raining all night. Although I was dry inside my tent the moisture in the air seemed to dampen my sleeping bag and everything else inside my tent. I put on my damp shirt and pants then the damp socks and shoes. I was not looking forward to the first steps of the day. 

I was hiking no more than 20 minutes when the rain stopped. I was still getting soaked from the damp bushes on the side of the trail and the constant dripping from the leaves of the trees but at least I had a little respite. My energy levels were low and remained that way all day. I tried eating loads of calories and taking long rest breaks but nothing seemed to get me moving. This section of trail was just kicking my butt.

There was lots of water around. All the temporary streams were running hard and fast. There were many bridges over the larger rivers and streams, only one of the bridges had washed away but a slight detour downstream got me through. There was a climb today, 2500 feet, from one valley to another. It completely wiped me out. As my energy levels were low so was my mood. On days like this I could understand why people would quit so close to the end. It was just not fun despite the stunning scenery. Don’t worry I’m not going to quit the trail! Rather than push myself any further I decided to make camp early and eat as much food as possible and dry out some gear. I’m really disappointed in myself for not packing my Nalgene bottle. When filled with boiling water clothing can be wrapped around it and dry quickly. It also makes a good hot water bottle for cold feet. I also didn’t pack bread bags to use as vapor liners in my shoes or dishwashing gloves for my hands! 

A good nights sleep will make things so much better in the morning. I hiked alone all day. I saw 3 other hikers southbound, that was it. I think most hikers are off trail in nice warm hotels, can’t blame them!

I must say that of all the days that I have been on the PCT, today would have to rate as one of the worst for trash left on the trail. There was clothing, a tripod, half full shampoo bottle, empty food tins and loads of toilet paper. All rather disgusting and worst case of leave no trace on the whole PCT, shame Washington, shame. 




old bridge


new bridge


just abandonded on the trail


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10 Responses

  1. Roy Beyer

    You do know Washington is one of the most liberal states filled with a bunch of hippies and pot heads..

  2. Dot

    You have had an amazing journey! Keep going! (I know you are) 1 foot in front of the other. I hate the low moods. You are almost done! It was smart of you to rest and dry out. I hope you remain dry for a while now. As usual…..your pictures are great.

  3. Heather

    I am hoping someone left the tripod there accidentally. If not, shame on them. How could people even think about leaving any kind of trash or unwanted items on the trail? Lovely pictures as usual. The beautiful stream pictures always fascinate me!

  4. ADL

    Sorry about all the “trash”. I was about 3 weeks before you and didn’t see much. So it goes.


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