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PCT Day 147 I just hiked from Mexico to Canada on the PCT

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 11th September 2015

Mileage 23.2

Bushcamp (2637.1) to Canadian Bushcamp 2660.3

Miles to Canada 0, I’m in Canada.

I’ll just cut to the chase, I just hiked from Mexico to Canada. Every step of the way. A distance of 4293km (2668 miles) in 146 days 4 hours and 35 minutes. I lost a total of 15kg (33lb) and feeling very exhausted at the moment. As I write this it’s emotional. For me it’s a big deal.

I hiked 23 miles today to reach the Canadian border, known to us hikers as ‘the monument’. When I arrived my Canadian friends Paul and Sally were there to greet me, complete with a beer and some Dr Pepper. What a place for trail magic and so great to have friends greet me there. Three other hikers, Johnny Walker, Leopard Sauce and You Again were there too. I may have shed a tear, as I mentioned it was emotional.

For me, for my version of this hike, for my adventure it was important that I hiked every step. No skipping or hitching around sections, no flipping ahead to other sections and walking around any trail closures. I hiked every step of the way and very proud of that fact. I achieved my goal.

As I hiked this hike I had an amazing pleasure to meet and hike with amazing people. They enhanced the trip and I must thank them so much. Thank you also to all the people who left kind messages on this blog and my BikeHikeSafari Facebook site. In hard and lonely times my spirits were lifted. Also a big thank you to Doug and Marilyn for their hospitality and help at the start of the hike and storing my cycling luggage. And a big thank you to Paul and Sally for meeting me at the monument at the Canadian border and looking after me in Canada. Good luck to Sally as she hikes the PCT in 2016. Thanks also to introducing me to your friends and hiking group from Vancouver. It’s a strange but welcoming feeling to meet all these people who read this blog.

Anybody planning to hike the PCT in 2016? If so, send me a private message on my Contact Me page. I may be able to assist with answers to questions, but hopefully if you’ve read this blog from start to finish your questions may have already been answered. Good luck with your hike.

If anybody has liked my blog and has spare money, please make a donation to PCTA who manage the trail. They need funds to keep the trail going. For more info visit the PCTA Donations Page.

In coming days I’ll write a review of my gear (what worked for me and what didn’t), work out how much money I spent, provide advice on blogging and photographing the hike, provide a list of useful websites or Phone Apps, update some of the pages on my website and answer THE most important question any future PCT hiker should ask. If I hiked the PCT again, what would I do differently? 

For now I’ll have a very short couple of days rest with friends in Vancouver and Palm Springs before starting my cycling journey from ‘The Golden Gate Bridge to The Panama Canal’. 

Thank you all. This is not the end, just a part of my lifelong goal to Bike, Hike and explore this planet. Living the dream.

Brad McCartney / Shepherd.

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celebrating with a Dr Pepper


Shepherd celebrating with Leopard Sauce, johnny Walker and You Again


Shepherd celebratibg with Leopard Sauce, Sneezel and Backwise


Sally and Paul hiked to the monument to meet me


Michelle, Ebby, John, Paul, Me (Shepherd), Amy, Bob, Sally. Part of my reintegration program into normal society!


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