another camping fail

PCT Day 20 Camping Fail 2

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6th May 2015

Mileage 21.9

Mojave Dam Camp (313.7) to Bushcamp (335.6)

Another camping fail

I made a poor choice of campsite last night, it was yet another camping fail in the learning process that is called ‘Pacific Crest Trail‘. I should’ve known better. I slept out under the stars without my tent, it’s called ‘cowboy camping’ in this part of the world. In Australia we just call it camping! I rolled out my mat and sleeping bag right next to a small creek. And I mean right next to it. It seemed so cute and scenic. If I rolled over during the night it could have ended in tears.

Anyway, due to being so close to the creek the water rose up through the ground overnight and soaked everything laying on the ground. And due to being so close to the water condensation fell overnight and soaked my sleeping bag. Hence it was very cold for me in the early hours of the morning. It’s not the first time this has happened on the trip and I should know better. I will ensure that it doesn’t happen again. But it probably will.

On a better note I had not walked 1 mile from camp only to be greeted by ‘Legend’. A trail angel and running as a  support crew for some hikers on trail. He offered pancakes and coffee. How could I say no. Thank you Legend.

There was quite a gathering for pancakes and I endeavoured to put myself some miles ahead of the pack. I spent some time hiking with Wild Bill and Farmer. We first met on day 3 and they only just caught up to me 2 days ago. We made a brief stop at Silverwood Lake for lunch and to wash dirty socks and underwear. I apologise to the people of Los Angeles who may end up drinking the water from that lake!

I set off alone from the Lake and made another 9 miles before setting up a rather early camp. I was quite tired and it suited me fine to chillax for the afternoon. It served a second and possibly more important purpose. It set me up to arrive at a highway crossing called Cajon Pass early the following morning.

I didn’t want to camp too close or I would suffer the constant barrage of train horns all night. One of the busiest freight train lines in USA is only a couple of miles away. Cajon Pass promises a multitude of fast food options and a place to relax and charge my phone and camera batteries early tomorrow morning. Then there are the high winds, rain, cold and snow that is forecast for the next 2 days. If it gets real bad I’ll have a place to hide. Wish me luck.


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early morning scenery

pacific crest trail flowers



road walk pacific crest trail
short road walk
wild bill pacific crest trail
Wild Bill

farmer pacific crest trail

lunch pct
lunch at Silverwood lake

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