26th May 2015

Mileage 20.6

25% Camp (665.1) to Bush Camp (685.7)

Bears in the Desert

I drank the last of my water overnight and had a little over 4 miles to make it to Spanish Needle Creek. It made for a cool shady place for breakfast. Several other hikers later joined me in eating and filling water bottles. A little time later I made the long but steady climb over yet another desert mountain and made the long descent to the water below. On route a Fox joined me on the trail. Obvious to my presence it hiked the trail, stopping regularly to urinate on bushes in the same way a dog would do. I tried to approach closer to him. He stopped, urinated on a bush then slipped off the side of the trail. I was unable to hear or see him again.

I made an error in judgement today. I misread the water report. This could have been a serious problem in another circumstance but in this case I made a several mile detour to a creepy looking campground seeking a mysterious water faucet. It existed but it was a long, unnecessary detour. I did wash myself, my clothes and cooked a large meal. I was starving hungry. There was nobody at Chimney Creek Campground. The error in judgement I made to come here was repeated by 3 more hikers, they too did not read the water report correctly. The reality was there was water in a dry creek on the trail, it was 10 seconds walk from the trail crossing.

While at the campground another hiker, now called Bearly, sighted a Bear. It was a Cinnamon coloured Black Bear, large and healthy. He sighted it just 1 mile from Spannish Needle Creek. It was walking along the PCT on route to the water. Bearly took his camera, took some photos them scared the Bear away. A Bear in the desert. Who would have thought it.

I continued another couple of hours uphill until I found a secluded flat section to pitch my tent. I had expansive views of several valleys and a great sunset.



A Fox ising the trail

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6 Responses

  1. Alison

    It’s hard to imagine how a bear could survive in the desert, isn’t it? Glad to be getting some updates on your adventures again!

  2. mjirving

    There were bear sightings near Soanish Needle Creek when I came through there last year too.


  3. Irwineyes

    A good hike in the great outdoors is something I need to do.


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