28th May 2015

Mileage 0

Kennedy Meadows (702.4)

Kennedy Meadows

It’s called the Vortex. Those trail towns or places that just suck you in. Kennedy Meadows is one of those places. Yesterday and today I ate too much food and drank too much beer. I talked and socialised, laughed and spent too much money. I also caught up with hikers I haven’t seen for a while and met new hikers for the first time. But really I was looking for like minded hikers to cross the Sierras with.

There is no cell service here and no internet, but information filtered through that there is a stellar weather window for the Sierras. There will still be snow that I will have to hike through but with the intense sun and high temperatures it will be melting slowly but surely.

I formed a hiking partnership with 5 other hikers. We all met over recent days and instantly we got on well. There is Mr & Mrs Smith who worked in Denali Nation Park last year. I cycled through Alaska last year so we had a lot in common and got on well right from the first conversation. There is fellow Aussie, Hummingbird. We have both known each other through our respective blogs since the start of our hikes. Teflon I met only a couple of days ago on the trail and Bearly, who has seen 2 Bears on the trail already and also one of the real characters of the trail. We all have hiking experience, move at similar speeds and plan to set off together and hike the first section of the Sierras. Now we just have to pay our bills and escape the vortex.

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  1. Gina

    Hey Shepherd. Missed you! You in Lone Pine? Or where’d you find service? I have a feeling Malia and Seth were heading for Mt Whitney but no contact since a bad quality pay phone call from KM last Tuesday… Great pictures as always 😉

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I found cell phone reception on a high ridge at 10000ft, camped the night and made some updates. Seth and Malia are about 20 miles ahead of me

  2. Alison

    Sounds like a good group. Any word on Tink? Hope she has found some good people to hike with, too. Enjoy the vortex while you can!

  3. Jamie

    Well done Brad! I look forward to each and every post on your adventure. I have no doubt that many other ‘armchair hikers’ who are following your adventure via your blog, feel a little sense of being out there with you! If only! Congratulations on getting ‘us’ through the desert, we now look forward to you taking ‘us’ through the Sierras.


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