PCT Day 74 Double Zero

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loading up on calories
 29th June 2015

Mileage 0

South Lake Tahoe (1094.5)

Ah, rest how I’ve missed you. I haven’t had a true day of rest since starting this trip. A day off the trail is not a rest. There are calories to be eaten, food to be purchased, packages to be picked up or posted, showers to be had, electronics to be charged, laundry to be washed, hear to be repaired / washed or replaced. Today was as close to a rest day as is possible. I packed several food boxes and posted them to various locations along the trail over the next 500 miles. 

Chilled in the room watching movies until the extended crew headed out for a drink or two and pizza. Can’t wait to be back on trail. Oh, and I trimmed my beard, so I’ve lost the true thru hiker look, sorry.

staying hydrated

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