PCT Day 76 Another Marathon

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  1st June 2015

Mileage 28.2

Dicks Lake (1109.9) to Five Lakes Creek (1138.1)

I was first up and away from camp at the early time of 6am. We had a predetermined rendezvous over 28 miles away. In between boulder fields I hiked through flowery meadows. The perfume concentrated in the still morning air. 

In the first hour I caught my old hiking buddy Zig Zag, he camped only a mile from us. I continued hiking on the gentle terrain for another couple of hours before Mr & Mrs Smith caught up to me. Their plan to sneak up and startle me was foiled. I’ve been known to sneak up to hikers I know and drop a large rock right behind them. The large thud of the rock always has desired affect. It’s all in good fun, what goes around comes around.

The three of us continued hiking at a good pace with lots of rest and water stops. Our calculations had us getting to camp at a reasonable hour, so no need to rush, we thought. Most of the trail today was through closed woodlands but the last couple of miles was on open exposed ridge tops. There was a strong wind being drawn into the nearby building storms. Luckily they were far enough away from us. An exposed ridge line with little cover is a poor choice for lightning storms. 

6.30pm and we rolled into camp. The 28.2 miles felt enough for the day. Mr Smith and I agreed that we had many more miles in us but we were at our rendezvous camp. Hummingbird arrived about 30 minutes later, no Teflon or KC. Are we pushing for too many miles? There was a high cloud haze in the evening as I sat expectantly waiting to witness Venus and Jupiter. Tonight they were so very close in the western sky, a rare sight I think. The only problem was the light, by 9pm it’s still quite light. 9pm is known as hikers midnight, rarely are we awake this late. Good night. 

Venus and Jupiter

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