PCT Day 79 4th July Fireworks 

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4th July 2015

Mileage 8.3

Bushcamp (1189.2) to Sierra City (1197.5)

It’s 5.45am, I sling my backpack over my shoulder and commence the long descent to the town of Sierra City. The sun hadn’t revealed itself yet, nor is it likely to, the cloud had seen to that. As I descend the landscape becomes more like a rainforest than any section of the trail thus far. Bright green undergrowth and humid rocky streams. I’m on a mission to make it to town for breakfast. Without taking a rest break I hike the 8.3 PCT miles plus a couple of extra miles on roads into town. I seat myself in the Cafe. It’s filled with hikers, most I’ve never seen before. I order the largest, highest calorie meal and settle down to wait for the others who arrive as I finish breakfast.

Next order of the day is to head to the Sierra City General Store. The others have packages to pick up. The resupply boxes are stored out back. No security or concern. Any person could walk out there and take any package they wanted. I guess that’s why some packages from REI went missing! I wasn’t waiting on a package, I purchased my food from the store and waited for the others.

So it’s 4th of July. We thought lets go to the town of Truckee to watch the fireworks. A fellow hiker GG has a shared ski lodge and offered us a bed. Our research neglected to inform us of the huge distance we had to hitch. We were picked up by Reece. It was out of his way but he drove over an hour to drop us off. Faith in humanity restored. The best we could do was offer him for money for fuel and take him to lunch.

We wandered to Donner Lake for the fireworks display. Unfortunately we were on the far side of the lake and had only a distant view of the fireworks. Sleep is now calling. 



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