11th June 2015

Mileage 12.9

Soldier Creek (1331.9) to Feather River (1344.8)

I could almost smell the bacon and eggs in the morning air. I was only about 3 miles from a highway that could make the dream a reality. I hadn’t really planned to go there. A combination of timing my arrival further down the trail with my parcel deliveries (camera and trekking poles) and a text message from Teflon saying she would be there sealed the deal. I was heading to the town of Chester.

It’s a short hitch hike into the compact town. Luckily a fellow hiker, Tapatio was there to give me a lift in a borrowed car. Bacon and eggs were a reality. While finishing my meal and coffee I received another text from Teflon. The text said she was in the same cafe as me ordering breakfast. I exited my secluded booth and peeked around the corner. Hey Teflon. Reunited.

Next business of the day was showers, laundry and charging my electrical stuff. Across the street we go with Recon, another hiker. We showered and put the laundry on. While waiting for the laundry we had lunch. We are all getting skinny and need to fatten up so a plate of salad followed by Ribs and Sweet potato fries are ordered. Oh and I also tried the local beer, it’s no Alaska Pale Ale but it’s ok. 

Our return to the laundromat was a moment of dread. Our clothes were gone. We placed them in the dryer. Gone. Gone. Gone. I’m standing in the laundromat wearing rain pants, rain jacket and boots with no socks. That’s it. All my other clothing were in the dryer. I was partially angry, partially helpless. For 15 minutes we discussed options. Just when it was time to report the theft a car pulled up and a lady jumped out with our clothes. The unobservant husband grabbed our hiking clothes out of the dryer instead of his wife’s sleeping garments that were in another dryer! No need to say anything more. 

Showered, fed and wearing my clean clothes I hitch hiked back to the trail with Teflon. But I needed a monster sized thick shake first. We hiked about 9 miles into the evening till we reached the North Fork of the Feather River. Loads of PCT hikers crowded into the few flat spots available next to the babbling river. Great to catch up with Teflon, the others aren’t far behind. 


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16 Responses

  1. Don-x

    Hopefully someday you’re be able to laugh about the Case of the Missing Laundry. I’m glad you solved it.

  2. ruuster

    Hummingbird has a pic of mr smith riding the shark on her blog… what did you do with the shark.. ? Its ok to post it…

  3. Sally

    On the trail, are you hanging your food every night or do you just keep it with you in your tent? I’m curious since you have mentioned signs of cougars and spotting bear scat in the past few weeks.

  4. Packman

    You should have just taken the ladies sleeping garments and worn them on the trail.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Ladies PJs on the trail, I think that’s been done before. But I don’t think anybody would have picked me up while I was hitch hiking back to the trail!

      • Packman

        While looking at some other blogs, I saw a fellow in a sleeveless dress, believe it or not. Such a freak show on the trail these days, nothing like the old days.

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