PCT Day 93 Stunning Views

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Mt Shasta
 18th July 2015

Mileage 30.5

Moosehead Creek (1452.2) to Bushcamp (1482.7)

Everyday for the last 93 days I have found myself a little further north than the day before. Everyday except today that is. I went backwards, I headed south but not in the wrong direction. I was still in the PCT. The PCT takes a strange westward then southward course for this section of Northern California. Of the 30.5 miles that I hiked today, mostly in a westerly direction, I estimate that I am about 4 miles further south than my campsite last night. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Despite taking a slightly southern sojourn today I was mighty impressed with the views. A couple of hours were spent hiking along high ridgelines with extensive views in all directions. I reckon I could see 100 miles in all directions. Mt Lassen was still visible in the South East, the Trinity Wilderness to the north west and Mt Shasta to the north. I tried to photograph the vastness of the views but feel the photos failed to show the enormity of what my eyes were seeing.

By lunchtime we had completed the long ridge walks and found the shade and seclusion of the forest. This also coincided with a long downhill. Despite being another very hot day the combination of hiking downhill and lots of shade made the afternoon hiking pleasurable. Well that was until we commenced a climb late in the afternoon to find a campsite. Spirits and energy were high as we made camp around 7pm. Strangely we all agreed that if we had sufficient daylight hours we could have had a quick dinner then continued for another 10 miles. But we did not. I was on an exercise high for about an hour after finishing hiking for the day. Whatever chemicals that are produced by the body while exercising seemed to be in overdrive today. I fail to understand why the exercise buzz is there some days and not there on others. Yesterday I fell asleep mid sentence while writing my blog, tonight I hope I can unwind enough to sleep. I’m sure I will. 


Mr & Mrs Smith on part of the ridge walk
This deer was walking down the trail with 2 young fawns, they fled to hide while she distracted us
mountain water tastes so good
typical trail during the afternoon

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