Spanish Language School in Flores – Guatemala


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I had a week to kill in Flores, Guatemala. It was time to head of to a Spanish language School in Flores. It was never my intention to stay in Flores to learn at a Spanish Language School, but the timing and the price was right.

Spanish Language School Flores Guatemala

I settled into the cheapest room in the town of Flores on Lake Petén Itza in the steamy Guatemalan jungle. Flores is not known for it’s language schools so when I did some research I found the price to be fair. For $120US I got private one on one lessons for 20 hours. Straight away I learned that I knew quite a bit about the Spanish language, but also learned that I should have taken professional lessons many months ago. I had bad habits and an even worse range of vocabulary. I had reached a stagnant stage in my grasp of Spanish.

My teacher was not only very patient but allowed me to specialise in words specific to hiking and cycling. I must admit something. I am really bad at remembering names, I have this ability to forget a name within 0.0003 seconds after hearing the name. So I can’t remember my teachers name.

In the 20 hours I worked my way through 2 very detailed work books with plenty of homework to be done after the lessons. This was usually done on some rooftop somewhere in the company of an ice cold beer. The Spanish Language School in Flores is highly recommended, specially which so many local attractions. Stay tuned in coming blog posts to see what I mean. So who did I use? Check out their website here –

Sunsets, Beer and Street Food Flores

Spontaneous and Sky arrived several days earlier than anticipated. We spent many nights at the local markets eating the cheapest meals in town. For just over $1US I had a beer and a filling meal with healthy vegetables on a fried tortilla. I also found some alcohol fueled bargains. I am not a big drinker, in fact I don’t like getting drunk, nor getting a buzz on. But that didn’t stop me indulging in the local beer, Brahva. For about $1.25US I could buy a litre of beer at a local restaurant, or for $0.66cUS I could buy 1/2 litre from the shop next to my cheap hotel. Hard not to enjoy a beer in this tropical slice of paradise. Cheers.

The Rope Swing Shenanigans

One afternoon we set sail to the other side of the bay. An enterprising family set up a rope swing, restaurant and bar to cater to adventurous souls who fancied flying through the air into the temperate water at sunset. Cycle touring and hiking has changed my body type. Anything resembling upper body strength and muscles have been swallowed up by my body as it has determined that a good set of guns are useless. I need some time in the gym, or return to the rope swing everyday for a month to build up some more upper body strength and muscles.

[EDIT – The days following my time at the rope swing I rediscovered my muscles as they let me know of their existence in the form of pain, I need a bit of time in the gym at some time in the future, or not]

With my new found skills in speaking Spanish I think I would like to teach a complete novice how to speak Spanish. I think it would reinforce my knowledge and help me fully understand things. Anybody want lessons? Just the basics! Only one catch, you need to keep up with me while I cycle and hike the world!

Coming up Next

In Flores I hatched a rather ambitious plan to explore some of the little known Mayan ruins lost to the remote Guatemalan jungles. The weather was at it’s best to explore these ruins. While it was ridiculously hot, the trails were essentially free from the debilitating mud that restricts travel on this part of the world. With my willing companions, Spontaneous and Sky we planned to explore some of the remotest sections of Central America. Stay tuned to find out what happens next! Hasta Pronto.

Spanish Language School
Spanish Language School involved study which almost always involved a sunset, maybe even a beer
street food flores
Plenty of cheap street food
$1 for a beer and dinner.
Sunset beer in Guatemala
More study
Spontaneous and Sky arrived. We hung out for several days as I finished my studies. We planned our next section of cycling.
Rope Swing Flores
Found some time to take a rope swing into the water
Swimming in the Lake at Tikal
Or jump off the plank
Sunrise at Tikal
Sunrise. Time to leave Flores on another journey

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