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31st January


Twizel 2433.3km to Picnic camp 2469.2

With several days food loaded into my backpack I felt the strain of the weight. Several days rest has allowed my body to start repairing itself and the first hour of hiking I could feel the toxins leaving my weakened muscles. Starting a hike after a rest is starting at day 1. The struggle was also in part caused by the extreme heat and limited shade.

The trail was a combination of roadwalks and a share bicycle path, all of which was easy on the body. I was nervous about my shins, excited about the trail ahead and deep in thought. I hiked alone and was glad for the time to let my mind wander. Hiking is this wonderful experience of letting yourself daydream while taking part in the simple process of putting one foot in front of the other. Most of my daydreaming was taken up with how and where I will find the time to finish writing my book. I started writing about my hike on the Pacific Crest trail several years ago and never got around to finishing it. With renewed vigor I’ll finish writing it after this hike. I’m very pleased with the structure and stories in the draft. As I’ve never written a book before it’s an ambitious project. One that I will see through to completion. Hopefully before Christmas.

It was late afternoon when I arrived at Lake Ohau. Middleton campsite was filling up with hikers I hadn’t seen for many weeks, they caught and passed me during my days of rest. But I felt like being alone. I wasn’t ready to socialize just yet so I kept on hiking. The last rays of the sun hit the mountains on the other side of the lake. The bright orange colors lay in contrast to the gray clouds and gray mountains. All the while the wind increased hour by hour. I set up camp in a small protected area then checked the weather. A storm warning with winds predicted above 120km/h. Looks like a sleepless night ahead, if my tent survives.

527.4km to The Bluff

Next – Day 101- Almost washed away on a river crossing 

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  1. Cathy

    Just catching up on your adventures and want to let you know I am anxiously awaiting your book on the PCT!!! I followed you that year and love reading your blogs! You ROCK!!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Hi Cathy, after finishing the TA I’m going to make an effort to get it finished by Christmas. It’s a lot of work but I’ll make every effort.

  2. Alan Grant

    Stoked to know you had a blast in the Mackenzie, Brad. Looking forward to the coming installments!


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