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12th November


Beach camp 462km to Bushcamp 490.6km

The loud crashing of the waves were absent. So was the wind. Camping on the beach couldn’t be more pleasant.

The tide was low but rising when I set off just after sunrise. Just over an hour of hiking bought me to a river crossing that was only ankle deep. Two hours later and it would be waist deep.

Another hour on the roads before detouring into farmland. From sea level the trail rose sharply to around 350m. My lungs got a workout. They are not yet fully recovered from the man flu. The same man flu took out two other hikers recently. I passed them while they recovered. Must be a man flu epidemic on the trail. Or the three of us are very weak.

10am photo below

The trail was pleasant as it switched it’s way through farmland and dense native forest. It was muddy at times but it’s been 10 days or so since the last rain. It could have been worse. I really enjoyed the last section of beach walking. I just wish there was more of it and less roadwalking. For now I’m happy to be on a trail in the forest.

I met another hiker today, a rare thing while I’m on trail. Usually I only meet hikers at campsites or towns. I passed the place he was camping in the morning and he passed me after I struggled up the steep hills.

Drinking water seems to be a bit hit and miss on this trail. Sometimes its everywhere and good quality. Other times there are stretches with little water. I ran out of water twice today. When I did find water I drank way too much water to hydrate myself. In future I’ll endeavor to stay more hydrated.

Camp was on the side of the trail an hour from a cafe that should promise a hot and hearty breakfast tomorrow.

Next – Day 21 – 500km

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Life long lover of hiking and keen observer of the natural world. Former Police Officer and Wilderness Tour Guide who loves Cycling and Hiking the most amazing places on the planet.

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  1. Carolyn

    Thanks, Brad, for the 10am photo!!! I remember those very green hills of NZ…beautiful

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Cheers Carolyn, sorry I can’t add them to the photo caption. A glitch in the Matrix. Hopefully it can be fixed soon and look a little more professional.


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