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October 27th

Beach Camp 73km to Beach Camp 97.8

It was the forest birds that woke me around 6am. I peaked out the tent, the sky was a light pink but clear. Whats that saying, Red sky morning shepherds warning. By 7am we were hiking on the beach but we were not the first. Several other hikers were ahead on the beach.

A few hours passed and the pain in my feet returned. I have flat feet and need arch support or I probably couldn’t go hiking like this. The arch supports I insert into my shoes are killing my feet. It’s not a new feeling, the start of every thru hike is the same. Time and distance eventually sports things out.


Heavy condensation soaked our tents overnight so we had an extended rest break. No use carrying the extra weight of wet tents. During the 2 hour rest several hikers made their way slowly down the beach.

High tide hiking

As the afternoon progressed the clouds got darker and the wind increased. Several rain squalls came and went. Tents were set up in a sheltered cove on the beach above the high tide line. Then it really rained. The tents started shaking from the wind gusts. I braced my feet against either side of the tent in case the tent poles were going to break. The rain was torrential, more like tropical rain. I stayed dry but my hiking buddy packed up and bailed to the safety of a nearby town.

In between rain squalls

I checked the weather forecast on my phone. Rain and strong winds all night. Not sure I can brace the tent walls all night.


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  1. nas

    Walking day after day on the beach must be so punishing (physically and mentally). You must be nearly at the end!! I hope your tent is still in one piece.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      100km of beach walking is an interesting experience. Mentally its fine, physically it is destroying a lot of hikers feet. All the muscles and tendons tighten up and the lack of uphill or downhill reduces the flexing. Many hikers are taking days and even weeks rest to heal the damage. Having said that it was a great experience.


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