TA Day 71 – Summer is coming

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2nd January


Bay of Many coves campsite 1721.4km to Davies Bay Campsite 1752.7km

Day 2 on the south island and I’m beginning to think I’m in a new country. Somewhere tropical, with blue sky and endless hot days. Has summer arrived, finally. My sweat glands would say yes. It’s been a while since I’ve felt such heat, even though it was probably on 30C. It was even warm in the morning when I woke.

A curious Weka hanging around my tent as I ate my breakfast.

The morning humidity was evident in the low fog over the bays and inlets. Above was a blue sky. In the early hours the sweat was beading all over and my rotton smell became noticeable not long after.

Today was a day to drink lots of water. I failed to hike more than an hour without drinking close to a litre of water. This was the most thirsty I’ve been all trail and the most dehydrated in many years. The heat seemed to take its toll on my body too. Fatigue set in. At least it felt like fatigue, probably it was just the side affect of the heat. My body felt heavy and any hill climb slowed me down to the pace of an 80 year old.

Despite my struggles the views of the bays and inlets were world class. I stopped to admire them and lingered long.

Other hikers and even mountain bikers became more common. Many use the water taxis or nearby roads to traverse small sections of trails. They smelt so clean when they walked past me. I must have smelt sweaty and rotten to them.

10am photo below

I’m not sure what the temperature was today, maybe only 32 Celsius. But add the hot New Zealand sun and it was physically draining despite the easy trail. Some of the easiest trail so far.

I’d been hiking solo all year, ok one and a half days, its only 2nd January. French Jean caught up. We’ve been hiking together for a week or so. He suggested taking vitamins. I’ve been carrying them since the start of the trail but haven’t taken them as I have had fairly good access to fruit and vegetables. As I cooked dinner in the afternoon heat I took a vitamin tablet. Let’s see how I feel on the morrow.

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  1. We are having such a heat wave! It will be nice to get back into the alpine zone… Richmond ranges aren’t far away!!

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