AT Day 117 – Sunrise over the lakes

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Hiking Sunrise

10th August 

18.3 miles 

Little Swift River Pond (1964.6) to Bushcamp (1982.9) 

It was 5.30am when I woke to my flat air mattress. I set about fixing a large breakfast before taking my mattress to the nearby lake to find some bubbles. Turned out the leak was from an old hole I repaired in Mexico while cycling earlier in the year. An easy fix, I hope.

hiking sunrise
The cut on my foot is still causing me pain, but I finally start hiking around 8am. Luckily, for my foot, the first couple of miles were easy downhill. At the highway several other hikers were trying to hitchhike into the town of Rangely. I still had enough food to get me to the next town, but events later in the day had me wishing I was in town right now.

appalachian trailcloudy trailmaine hiking
The trail climbed several high alpine mountains, Saddleback Mountain, The Horn and Saddleback Junior. Distant views in all directions of large mountains and larger lakes. Also views of the approaching storm. From the summit of Saddleback mountain I judged or should say guessed the the storm was going to miss me. I waited and watched its movement and with great satisfaction I watched the rain storm miss me by less than a mile. In fact if I’d kept on hiking I would have been drenched. Pure luck and a great view.

cloudy rock cairnsrainstorm on the mountainapproaching rainstorm
Three more storms came and went as I crossed the several miles of alpine area between the mountains. I stayed dry but the trail was wet and slippery which made for slow hiking.

approaching rainstormapproaching rainstorm
By late afternoon my foot started to hurt. Not a normal kind of pain, more of a throbbing. I think the deep cut is getting infected. I thought about stopping at a shelter but a school group of teenage girls had over run the place. I continued several more miles to a flat spot near a peaceful sounding creek.

wet hiking trailscull on the trail
I cleaned up my feet as best I could and covered my cut callous with antibiotic cream. After setting up my tent and cooking dinner I walked to the stream to fill up my water. I was unable to put any pressure on my foot, the pain was too intense. As it is now throbbing and painful to touch I’m hoping I can walk tomorrow. 

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