AT Day 20 – Into the town of Erwin for food

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Town of Erwin

5th May

8.7 miles 

Bushcamp (333.9) to Uncle Johnys Hostel-Erwin (342.6)

There were periods of very heavy rain overnight but it was clear blue sky when I woke. I was on trail hiking early. Many fallen trees greeted me. Some needed a difficult, steep traverse to get around.

It was less than 9 miles to town and the mostly flat trail flew by. My injured left calf was still sore but manageable. I think the short day today then rest for the afternoon should be sufficient.

I arrived at the hostel right next to the trail with enough time to shower before visiting the all you can eat salad and pizza place. The large plate of salad was just what I needed and pizza filled me up with calories.

Back at the hostel a couple of bright sparks had the idea to head to the local Mexican restaurant for a meal and to drink Margaritas. It was Cinco de Mayo after all. A day that is celebrated more in USA than in Mexico. Half the town had the same idea and the restaurant was packed. I need to go hiking or I might put in some weight real quick.

More fallen trees that required a scramble to get around

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    1. Not at this stage, not sure if I’ll be back in USA anytime soon. Getting into this country is not getting any easier for me. I’m made to feel very unwelcome by border officials. Despite that there are many trails I’d love to hike such as the Arizona Trail, Hayduke Trail and the PCT again. Time will tell.

      1. Sorry you felt that way. Do you have to leave the US or do you already have other plans after you complete the AT?

      2. I can only stay in USA for 6 months at a time with my visa. I will see how my body feels, I might hike the Colorado Trail after the AT or turn round and start hiking southbound. Time willl tell

  1. Have you heard of the Ice Age trail in Wisconsin? It’s a 1,000 mile hike which highlights the states Ice Age landscapes.

    1. Yes it’s one the the great trail in this country, not as well known or well hiked as the others

  2. Loving the blog! Got to do a couple days on the AT Maryland section. To bad you weren’t that way yet, would’ve been cool to meet ya! Keep on truckin’

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