14th May

23 miles

Lady Slipper Camp (486.2) to Old Orchard Shelter (509.2)

It didn’t take us too long to climb up onto the high ridges that provided the extensive views of Virginia and on some cases all the way back to Tennessee and North Carolina. These are the highest mountains in Virginia. 

Around lunch time we took a side trail to climb the highest mountain in Virginia, Mt Rogers at 5729 feet. I must admit it wasn’t worth the effort. It was a tree covered summit not unlike any part of the AT that I’d already hiked. In fact we had trouble actually finding the summit. It wasn’t till we found the survey marker that we knew where the summit was. 

We entered the Grayson Highlands. The rugged highlands of Virginia were home to wild ponies. I spotted some a little way of the trail. Shogun, Delicate Flower and I set off for a closer look. We’d been warned earlier that they are generally very friendly but they also have bad attitudes.

I’m not a big fan of horses, I was bitten on the chest when I was young and never really liked them after that. I certainly don’t ride horses. I approached the group of about 6 wild ponies for a closer look. One of them seemed friendly. I was filming some video with my GoPro when it tried to eat the camera. I think this upset the Pony. It moved over to Delicate Flower then Shogun. With little warning it turned and kicked Shogun in the balls. I got a great video of it. Check it out in my Facebook or Instagram pages. Facebook Instagram And don’t forget to like the pages while you are there. 

I think Shogun should have a new trail name, ‘NoBalls’. What do you think? There was certainly a lot of friendly banter during the afternoon among us all.

With more views and more ponies near the trail we cautiously made our way to camp. Today was certainly interesting, entertaining and full of good views. Oh, and I just crossed the 500 mile mark, I guess I’ll hike 500 more.

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21 Responses

  1. Andy Jim

    I’m sorry about shogun but he seems to have really taken it in his stride. I thought that twin flower shot was the next in the series a photo of his busted balls

  2. Anna

    That video so needs to go on Australia’s funniest home videos. I’m laughing so hard. Poor fella!

  3. Ian

    Ouch. I have the same experience with horses you do. I was bitten by a colt when I was little and I’m just not a fan ever since.

  4. Lucie

    I find “NoBalls” a bit mean for a trail name… the pony should be nicknamed NutCracker though! (Then, Shogun gets named after the pony…)
    Great job on the frame grab! It’s hilarious! 😀

    • BikeHikeSafari

      He doesn’t like No Balls. I’m the only one calling him that

  5. Paulo

    OMG… poor fella indeed… man, stay safe from pony´s please… 🙂

  6. Claire De Lune

    I think the pony is just reacting to those very unattractive shorts Shogun is wearing – I may have been tempted to do the same.

  7. Letshike2

    Priceless. I’m seeing the video show up in my Facebook newsfeed from other hikers i know. Lol, this video will become an AT classic!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I still look at it and laugh. The video went a little bit viral among the hiking community.


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