AT Day 30 – Into Marion, Virginia for Pizza 

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15th May

23.4 miles

Old Orchard Shelter (509.2) Marian (532.6)

We started early with a goal to get close to the town of Marion. A rumour started that Pizza could be delivered the 6.5 miles from town to the trailhead. Surely not, that makes hiking too easy, besides we all had plenty of food left and didn’t need to buy a pizza.

As the day wore on Delicate Flower, No Balls and I discussed our options. It seemed like going into the town of Marion and staying the night was a good idea. We could get a meal, shower, top up our food then get back on trail early the next morning.

The trail didn’t hold any particular highlights today. Two Black Snakes slithered near the trail. One wiggled its tail in an attempt to imitate a rattle snake. It was a poor attempt at deception. I like snakes so I spent a bit of time checking it out. I was very tempted to pick it up, a habit I have from living in Australia. I really should learn more about the snakes here.

It was around 5pm when we got to the highway to try and hitch into town. A crest of a hill with a limited area for cars to pull over left us with little chance of an easy hitch, specially as there were several of us. So we called  a local shuttle company.

Showered and clean we ate our all you can eat salad bar with a pizza. With a little bit of time before sunset we resupplied in Walmart. For the first time in many long weeks I watched TV. Nothing has changed, I guess I don’t miss getting lost in some TV series as much as I thought.

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