AT Day 36 – Back to the trail

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Back to the Trail

21st May

17.5 miles

Trents Grocery Store (608.5) to Docs Knob Shelter (626)

When the hotel door opened in the morning it was raining. Heavy rain with little visibility. It’s hard to get motivated to head back to the trail in such conditions. Enthusiastic I was not.

We were back to the trail and hiking by 10.30am. Lucky for us the rain had stopped. A big thank you to Thom for the great company, the pick up and drop off at the trail and putting up with our bad smell.

For the first few hours the weather was overcast and pleasant for hiking and we made good time. Wapti Shelter is an infamous Shelter on the Appalachian Trail. It was the site of a double murder on 19th May, 1981. A local man committed the murder. A plea bargain saw him serve a small sentence and he is now a free man. Rumour has it the shelter is haunted by the two murdered hikers.

By mid afternoon the rain set in. I set up my umbrella and set myself up for a rainy afternoon. Like most people I like to hike when the weather is nice. So far on the Appalachian Trail there seems to be more rainy days than clear days. I could be miserable, but I choose to just accept it as rain and keep on walking without complaint.

The rain continued into the late afternoon. When the low cloud settled in there appeared to be only two colours visible, green and grey. All other colours no longer existed. My hiking buddy, Delicate Flower, would fade to grey then disappear in the clouds when he walked faster than me.

We stopped at Docs Knob Shelter for the night. The rain continued. I didn’t want to put up my tent in the pouring rain so slept in the shelter.

I’m generally a quiet kind of person who likes my own space. Sleeping in a cramped shelter with several other hikers who liked to talk a lot doesn’t always suit me. It’s during this quiet time that I write this blog and transfer my photos from my camera to my phone. I think I’ll be spending more time in my tent in future.

Note: I am still not able to add captions to photos. 🙁

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