AT Day 63 – Two towns in one day

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17th June

12.3 miles

Bushcamp (1117.2) to US Route 11 (1129.5)

I was awake early to the sound of a few drops of rain. It wasn’t long before I was packed and on trail. The trail was dry but they grey clouds could dump rain at any moment. The trail traversed rural farmland with fields of freshly planted corn and grain on route to the town of Boiling Springs.

The thru hiker meeting point in the town of Boiling Springs was Cafe 101. The hearty, reasonably priced food ensured few hikers would miss this place. Plans were made, resupply was discussed then I made my way out of town past the lake filled with trout.

The next couple of hours were the easiest hiking of the whole trail to date. The trail was little more than a small corridor through farmland. Earlier I checked the weather forecast, chance of rain, 80%. That meant there was a 20% chance of no rain which prevailed for the rest of the afternoon. I’ve had a good run with the weather. Not long ago it felt like it rained everyday. Things are getting better.

I stopped near the town of Carlisle. A transport and trucker town with cheap meals and a couple of cheap hotels. It’s been almost a week without a shower or laundry so it was definitely time for me to clean up.

Next to the hotel was a cheap diner that served salad and vegetables with their meals. A dream come true. It’s not always easy to eat healthy while hiking. Possibly this healthy food didn’t go down well. Not long afterwards I suffered a strong headache.

I don’t normally get headaches so I suffered. Even with headache tablets it struggled to go away. It took a while to get to sleep.

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