AT Day 67 – Appalachian Trail World Hike Naked Day

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21st June

19.6 miles

Bushcamp (1211.3) to Bushcamp (1230.9)

Warning – The following contains scenes that may disturb some readers, look away if you’re offended by very mild nudity.

A two hour hike in the morning and I arrived on the outskirts of a town called Hamburg. I was looking forward to satisfying my craving for fresh fruit.

I walked into Walmart lathered in sweat and smelling like I’ve sleeping in a pile of trash. I feel like I’ve been constantly wet for weeks, either by the rain or my sweat. I combined my fruit crazed shopping spree with a resupply for the next couple of days. 

I made the classic rookie resupply error. I went shopping when I was ravenously hungry. Not only did I buy 1 pound of fresh mixed fruit, an apple, a banana and yogurt for breakfast. I bought enough food to last a week. Mental note to self, eat before shopping for a resupply. 

I sat outside Walmart where I found an electrical outlet to charge my phone. I devoured the fruit and it tasted so fresh. Several staff members came outside for their cigarette breaks. They asked why so many people with backpacks had been sitting in the same spot I was sitting in recent days. I told them about the Appalachian Trail. They had no idea what it was and why I would do such a crazy thing like that.

With my stomach full I browsed the interwebs on my phone and updated parts of my blog while my phone charged. After about an hour I wandered to nearby Pizza Hut to enjoy their lunchtime buffet salad bar. I was satisfied from all the fruit so I didn’t eat too much. With so much fibre in my body, I was lighter when I left Pizza Hut than when I entered. Before leaving town I purchased a Subway sub for dinner. So much fresh food in one day, a rarity for thru hikers.

Today is the summer solstice. The summer solstice means it’s World Hike Naked Day. I’d forgotten about it until late in the day after a large thunderstorm soaked me from head to toe, even with the use of my umbrella.

I camped next to the trail with a view down to a small stream. As it started to get dark I was joined by two other hikers, the first company of had in camp for a while. 

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