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Hello New Jersey

25th June

22.9 miles

Bushcamp (1287.4) to Bushcamp (1310.3)

A group of locals camped with us last night. They were loud. The first pre dawn rays of light hit my tent around 4.45am. I woke and started to pack up my tent. Anyone who has camped next to me knows my annoying habit. I bang my tent pegs together to clear the dirt out of them. It’s a habit and it’s annoying but it happens without me even thinking about it. Until this morning.  I was banging my tent pegs to remove the dirt just after 5am when I realised just how loud it was. The tent next to me full of the young drunk locals who were loud last night. I made sure my tent pegs were extra clean.

I watched the sunrise as I started hiking after saying goodbye to Kiros who joined for a night of camping. Less than a mile from camp I saw a rather large healthy looking black bear. It took off down the hill.

I arrived in the small tourist town of Delaware Water Gap to settle in for some breakfast. When I walked outside I was devastated to notice my umbrella was missing. Most likely I left my umbrella at my campsite in the morning. Normally I never loose things. Looks like I’ll be buying a new umbrella soon. It’s a great peice of hiking gear for a trail like this.

I crossed the Delaware river to leave Pennsylvania and enter New Jersey. I was ready for a new state and a new challenge, good bye Pennsylvania.

Despite a weather forecast of good weather a storm passed through and dumped heavy rain for about 20 minutes. With no umbrella I allowed myself to get wet, it was still quite warm. I have been carrying a rain jacket for a long time but it was too hot to wear it. The trail in New Jersey was pleasant with quite a lot of nice views on the high ridges.

I camped with a lot of people on a high ridge. I found two fellow Aussies from my home town of Darwin. Small world considering only 120000 people live there.

At some time late at night a hiking buddy whom I met on the CDT last year will be coming through. I told him what mile marker I was at and told him to look for the green Nemo Hornet tent. There were 3 green Nemo Hornet tents next to the trail. Stay tuned to hear this guys amazing story.

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