AT Day 83 – Just a walk in the rain

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Walk in the Rain

7th July

5 miles

Bushcamp (1398.2) to Fort Montgomery (1403.2)

I’m not sure when the rain started but it didn’t seem like it wanted to stop. If we didn’t pack up and get hiking we could be here for days. I must admit, there has been a good stretch of fine weather. I can’t complain about a bit of rain now and again.

The trail was a river and it only took a couple of minutes to become soaked right through. If there was a positive, it was the warm temperature that kept us from suffering some form of hypothermia.
walk in the rain
I really miss my umbrella. So does Rocky. Mine was lost or stolen in New Jersey, she gave her umbrella away after the PCT last year. They are just the perfect hiking accessory for a hike such as the Appalachian Trail. I’m going to order another one, even though it hurts to buy a new one. I know I’ll use it many times in the future. Rain jackets are just not as effective.
walk in the rain
With the trail being a river we had waterlogged shoes real quick. Hiking through ankle deep water seems to bring out the child in me. On many occasions I tried and mostly failed to capture a cool photo and video of my splashing along the trail. I don’t think normal people do stuff like that anymore. I guess I’m not normal. I’ll grow up one day.

splash down in the rainwalking in the rainwalking in the rain
After a couple of miles of hiking with no views we arrived at Bear Mountain Inn. This place is a flash upper class lodge that was polite enough to allow Rocky and I to sit in the lobby and dry out while chatting about our hike. This was Rocky’s last day on trail. She must return to the high stress corporate life tomorrow. It’s been fun giving her an insight to my carefree vagabond life on the trail.

I called a nearby hotel to get the last room in the town Fort Montgomery. The typical small town Ma and Pa style hotel that I’ve grown to love in this country. With personal service they picked us up from the trail and told us all about the places to eat and more. With the kind of passion that’s lacking in any large hotel. They even let us wash and dry our wet, smelly clothes inside their own house. Small town America is amazing, even if French Fries are considered a full serving of vegetables. Tomorrow, Rocky heads back to the real world. I’m back to hiking the Appalachian Trail alone.

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