5th July

16.1 miles

Greenwood Lake (1369.7) to Bushcamp (1385.8)

Sonja, aka Rocky, joined me on the trail after our long visit to New York. We left Greenwood Lake on the one mile long, steep, side trail that rejoined the Appalachian Trail. The first section of trail was quite easy with long sections of flat trail and small rocky outcrops with views. We didn’t find out until later that most of the difficult rocky sections can be easily bypassed on side trails.

As the day progressed the trail became more rocky with occasional steep sections. It was also rather poorly marked with many hikers mentioning that they were geographically misplaced on numerous occasions. Then there was the water quality. As summer reaches its peak in this part of the world many of the water sources are either dry or poor quality. A far cry from a couple of weeks ago when rainy days seemed more common than dry days.

Rocky is an experienced long distance hiker, having hiked the PCT last year but her trail legs were not in the same shape as mine. She was rather tired when we pulled into camp near a lake. In this part of New York there has been a lot of trash in the trail. Our campsite was littered with broken glass. It’s great to be back on the trail.

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