AT Day 96 – Whoops, no food

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20th July

27.4 miles

Melville Nauheim Shelter (1612.2) Bushcamp (1639.6)

First up let me congratulate Knotts on the new Unsupported Fastest Known Time on the Appalachian Trail. 2190 miles 53 Days 23 hours.

Well, how can I complete with an achievement such as that. I’m very happy for Knotts. My day was much easier even though I was awake early and hiking by 6am. The trail was surprisingly easy with little in the way of hills and the famous mud wasn’t bad. I think people could be prone to exaggeration about the mud.

For the whole day we would hike for about 4 miles, stop for water and a quick bite to eat then hike another 4 miles. At one of these rest breaks I made a discovery that I was short of food. I had no dinner meals left in my food bag. I must have made the error during my last resupply. I was faced with a problem. I had enough snacks to consume at dinner but not enough food to make it to the next town.

I had a look at the map ahead a found that I could take a side trail to save maybe 5 miles of trail, then take another side trail to the town of Manchester by lunchtime tomorrow. My hiking buddy Thumper agreed to follow me on these side trips.

We blitzed the trail for the rest of the afternoon. We were both exhausted late in the day. There’s not a lot of places to Bushcamp in Vermont. Late in day we set up camp on the trail with the hope to start hiking very early the next morning. It was late and we were both exhausted. Tomorrow is a new day.

fire tower
beaver dam

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    1. I’m not sure by how much, he mentioned that he’s quite messed up. His feet are in bad shape,

  1. This sounds like a very lazy trail. It may be long but there are so many towns and other options for food I cannot believe that you would run out of food. You are getting lazy on this lazy, long distance trail with plenty of food around every corner.

    1. After only three days on the AT with Shepherd I can tell you that it’s far from being lazy to hike this trail. Even with all these food options around the corner.

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