Best Hammock Tarp

Best Hammock Tarps

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This is a gear review about the best hammock tarp 2024.

For those who like sleeping in hammocks, it is important to get the sleep system correct. That includes a good quality ultralight hammock tarp to keep out the rain.

Choosing a lightweight hammock tarp can be daunting. There are so many out there, all offering different materials, fixing methods, and with different positives and negatives.

I have compiled this guide to help you select the perfect hammock tarp for your needs. All the tarps in this review will work well with any of the Best Backpacking Hammocks on the market.

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Best Hammock Rain Fly 2024

The Best Hammock Rain Fly for 2024 is:

Best Hammock Tarp 2024 – Overall

Kammok Kuhli Shelter

Kammok Kuhli Hammock Tarp Review

Weight: 20.5 oz / 581 grams

> Tough construction
> Knotless set-up
> Lightweight and compact
> Only comes with four stakes, might want to get a couple more

The Kammok Kuhli Shelter is an extremely versatile all-weather shelter packed with features to ensure your comfort out in the country.

Made from diamond ripstop nylon with a Sil/PU coating (that’s silicone and polyurethane, designed to increase durability and tear resistance), and a durable water repellant (DWR) finish, this tarp can take whatever nature throws your way.

All seams are sealed to prevent leaks in rainy or snowy conditions. 

The Kammok Kuhli Shelter features 10 reinforced guy points with line locks and tensioners, giving you ultimate control over how you set it up.

This tarp can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes, from a simple A-frame for general coverage to a low-spread configuration for really rough conditions. The unique knotless set-up system makes getting shelter established a breeze.

At a generous 12’ long and 9’ wide, the Kammok Kuhli Shelter is a spacious and adaptable trail companion. 

The Kammok Kuhli Shelter weighs 20.5oz / 581g, and with a packed size of  4.5” by 8” which fits into the stuff sack that is included.

The reinforced anchor points are perfect for rigging with your hiking poles to create an A-frame if you are lacking tree cover to anchor to.

Overall, this is one of the best rain tarps for hammocks on the market.

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Best Ultralight Hammock Tarp 2024

Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Tarp

Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Hammock Tarp Review

Weight: 5.14oz / 145grams

> Ultralight
> Very waterproof
> Does not sag when it gets wet
> Expensive
> Can take a couple of weeks to ship

If you are an ultralight thru-hiker looking for an ultralight tarp for your hammock then this is what you are looking for.

The Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Tarp offers all the benefits of Dyneema Fiber such as being lightweight, strong, and will not sag when wet. But these awesome benefits are more expensive than cheaper sil-nylon hammock tarps but in my opinion, that is worth every cent.

There is an 11-foot and 12-foot versions but most people will be happy enough with the 11-foot tarp version.

With such a lightweight tarp it makes sense to buy lightweight guylines and ultralight tent pegs with this tarp. Also, a good idea to add an ultralight backpacking quilt too. To save weight it also comes with a Dyneema stuff sack.

Overall, this is one of the best ultralight hammock tarps on the market in 2024. Ultralight backpackers looking for Appalachian Trail Gear or a tarp for the Superior Hiking Trail then you have found your tarp.

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Best Lightweight Hammock Tarp 2024

Kammok Kuhli Ultralight

Kammok Kuhli Ultralight Rain Fly review

Weight: 14 oz / 397 grams

> Ultralight
> Durable
> Speedy set-up
> Smaller area – the one compromise made between the Kuhli Ultralight and its bigger sibling the Kuhli Shelter is in terms of coverage area

The Kammok Kuhli Ultralight is an even lighter version of the Kammok Kuhli Shelter, offering a slightly smaller coverage area at 11’ by 7.3’ but with the same incredible adaptability and durability.

You’ll find the same coated ripstop nylon fabric and reinforced guy points, giving you confidence in the security of your cover whatever the weather.

Again, the Kammok Kuhli Ultralight has a knot-free set-up and four included stakes, perfect for anchoring quickly to the ground or trees.

There are eight guy points on this tarp, allowing for a wide range of configurations. With the addition of hiking poles or other flexible poles, you can rig an A-frame in no time!

The Kammok Kuhli Ultralight weighs 14oz / 397g at total packed weight, and measures only 3.75” by 7” when packed in the stuff sack that is included.

Overall, this is one of the best lightweight hammock tarps for backpacking.

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Best Hammock Rain Fly

Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly/Tarp

Hennessy Hammock Hex Rain fly tarp review

Weight: 18.4 oz / 530 grams

> Spacious
> Integrated line pockets
> Durable
> High wind loading

This hexagonal tarp from Hennessy Hammock Rain Fly is a great all-rounder. The hexagonal shape is a classic for rainfly tarps, giving you a great 12’ by 10’ of coverage with a bunch of rigging options.

There is no ridgeline to attach, with just a seam for the ridge in a classic hammock fly configuration, which makes set-up that much easier. 

Made from polyurethane-coated ripstop polyester, the Hennessy Hammock Hex has great weather protection and is guaranteed to keep you dry.

This quality hammock tarp is easy to set up, even in a downpour – simply spread it and stake it from underneath, then raise it when it’s secured.

It’s best to tie this tarp directly to trees for its main anchorage because of the high wind loading, but once it’s secured the strong polyester cords provided will keep it solidly in place. 

There are six tie-outs to provide maximum adaptability, making the Hennessey Hammock Hex perfect as a hammock cover. It can also be used as a sunshade, or work and cooking marquee.

At only 18.4oz / 530g fully packed, this mid-weight tarp is a versatile hammock tarp suitable for hammock camping.

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More Quality Hammock Rain Tarps

ENO ProFly Hammock Rain Tarp

ENO Profly rain tarp review

Weight: 22 oz / 624 grams

> Adaptable shape
> No-knot set-up
> Good water resistance
> On the heavier side

The Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) ProFly hammock rain tarp is a durable, reliable choice of tarp for all of your hiking and backpacking needs.

Its 10’6” by 6’4” rectangular shape is adaptable and gives you a great shelter for sleeping, cooking, or relaxing. The ENO ProFly hammock rain flies pack down to only 4.5” by 9”, making this tarp highly portable. Weighing in at 22oz / 624g, this is one of the heavier hammock tarps out there, but it’s still a relatively lightweight shelter and worth slinging in your pack.

Made from polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon, the ENO ProFly is tough and weatherproof. Double-stitched seams add to the tarp’s water resistance, preventing any moisture from getting through the stitching. 

The ENO ProFly comes with lightweight DAC aluminum stakes equipped with loops for easy removal. It also features a no-knot set-up to make rigging this tarp as quick and easy as possible, letting you get the six guys set up in no time.

Overall, this is a great tarp for hammock camping but it is slightly heavier than the other options in this review.

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ENO DryFly Rain Tarp

ENO dryfly rain tarp review

Weight: 22 oz / 624 grams

> Extended shape
> Built to keep you dry
> Rugged construction
> Heavy

The ENO DryFly Rain Tarp is designed with rain in mind. In many respects very similar to the ENO ProFly, the DryFly has two extra attachment point for the guy lines which enable a more secure tie-down in windy and rainy conditions.

These are positioned on a batwing extension to the ProFly’s rectangular profile, which means lower ground clearance and less opportunity for rain to enter your shelter from the sides.

Made from the same polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon as the ProFly, the DryFly is capable of handling all conditions with ease. It is easy to set up and take down using the bundled aluminum stakes and knot-free lines. 

The DryFly weighs the same as its stablemate, the ProFly. At 22 oz it’s not super-heavy, but if you’re trying to trim weight wherever you can it’s something to bear in mind.

The extra projection of the DryFly’s side panels means it’s not just a great choice for wet weather. At full stretch on a sunny day, the DryFly makes for a fantastic cooling marquee with an excellent shaded area.

Overall, the Eagle Nest Outfitters Dry fly is a good waterproof tarp for hammock camping.

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Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Tarp

Wise owl outfitters rain tarp review

Weight: 28 oz / 794 grams

> Strong construction
> Easy set-up
> Waterproof carrying bag included
> Very Heavy

The Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Tarp is a hexagonal tarp, and another great option for your hammock tarp needs. Featuring waterproofed ripstop nylon with taped seams construction, this tarp will keep you dry as a bone, covering 11’ by 9’. This is the heaviest tarp on our list at 28 oz. It’s solidly constructed, but some may find this to be too much additional weight.

The Wise Owl Outfitters tarp is easy to set up thanks to its included aluminum stakes and strong guy lines, and tensioners at each attachment point make it simple to ensure a good, taut cover. You don’t have to worry about sags collecting rainwater with this tarp!

With a waterproof stuff sack included, you can be confident taking the Wise Owl tarp with you on any outdoor adventure. 

Overall, this is one of the better camping tarps to use with the hammock for your next camping trip, with everything included in the package to keep you dry.

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Buyers Guide

You’ve had a chance to look at some of the best tarps for hammocks, but there’s still a lot of choices out there.

You’ll want to make sure you’re making the best decision you possibly can, which is why we’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide, covering the most important considerations when you’re trying to find that perfect hammock camping tarp. 

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You need to make sure that your chosen tarp covers your whole hammock. Any gaps leave you open to the likelihood of rain coming in and ruining your day completely.

The measurement that’s most important in this regard is the length because that is measured along the ridgeline, giving you a better idea of the coverage.

Width measurements let you know more about how far you can bring your tarp down to the ground, so you can better assess rigging height and ground clearance.

The width measurement might also be important to you if you intend on using your hammock tarp as a work cover or sunshade, as it allows you to calculate how much ground coverage you can get.

Most hammock tarps are single-person tarps. What does this mean? Single-hammock tarp size is generally around 7’ to 8’ wide. The tarp size for two hammocks adds between 4’ and 6’ to this width, so if you’re looking for a tarp for two, keep an eye out in the 11’ to 14’ width range. 

Tarp Shape

The most common shapes for hammock tarps are rectangular tarps, but there are many other shapes you may want to consider. The main trade-off you make with the shape of these rain flies is weight. There are also the fully enclosed hammock tent-style tarps which are more commonly seen as a package when you take a look at the Best Backpacking Hammocks.

Rectangular Tarps and Square Tarps

Rectangular tarps are, of course, the same width across their full length. They are the most common and usually the cheapest rain fly, and easiest to make.

Square Tarps are similar in their ease of use to rectangular tarps but have the same dimensions all around.

Both make it very easy to tie the guy lines when setting up.

Hex Tarps

Hexagonal tarps are similar to rectangular tarps except they trim the corners to save on material. Tarps of the same length and width therefore might vary in weight due to the different shapes that are possible. 

Catenary Tarps

Catenary Tarps are a type of Hex shape with curved edges that allow for the tarp to be pitched tighter and save a small amount of weight.

Batwing Tarps

Batwing Tarps are similar to both above but they have a batwing extension that gives you more coverage than a regular hex tarp such as the ENO DryFly. These are usually a little lighter but need a little more practice to set up quickly and efficiently.

Asym Tarps

Asymmetrical Tarps and Diamond Tarps are similar and lightweight due to their shape. In bad weather, they may not be as good as a rain fly as a tarp with more coverage.


Weight is an important factor in choosing any hiking and backpacking equipment, and this definitely goes for hammock tarps. In the list of favorites, you can see that there is a variation of about 16 oz between the lightest and heaviest tarps, which is a significant range.

Weight can be a trade-off for size, or for the thickness of the material.

A tarp like the Kuhli Ultralight may not be your best choice if you’re anticipating heavy rainfall or higher winds, but you might not want to bring a big, thick tarp like the Wise Owl Outfitters rain tarp on a spring/summer hike where you mostly anticipate sheltering from the sun. 


You’ll find that most tarps are made from polyester fabric which is then coated with a waterproofing agent. Many tarps are polyurethane or PU-coated, which means there is a layer of polyurethane coating on the underside of the tarp.

Silicone or Sil-nylon tarp material is impregnated with silicone to keep it waterproof and durable. Some tarps for hammock camping have both, such as the Kuhli Shelter series.

In the past, silicone nylon has been criticized for promoting misting or condensation on the underside of the tarp, which is why many tarps nowadays are PU-coated or a combination of the two.

Silicone nylon is very waterproof though, and misting problems aren’t encountered by everyone. 

Hanging Your Hammock Tarp

The days of fiddling with knots and trying to obtain the correct tension in your guy lines manually are passed. Hammock tarps nowadays come with knot-free lines to enable you to set up quickly and easily, and most have tensioners at the guy points to get your tarp taut in no time.

It’s worth looking at the mechanisms for these ahead of buying your tarp to ensure that they make sense for you and how you like to set up your hammock and tarp, but there is a solution out there for everyone. 

The tarps in our list all come with stakes supplied, but you would be advised to bring extras to ensure a solid ground connection.


If you are looking for an ultralight Hammock tarp then there is only one suitable option, the Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Tarp. It is a great rain tarp that is suitable for most people.

The Kammok Range of tarps is also great with the Kammok Kuhli Shelter being a good solid tarp suitable for most people under most situations. It is reasonably priced, not too heavy, and suitable for short or long hiking trips. The Kammok Kuhli Ultralight is similar but lighter in weight.

Another one of the Best Hiking Gear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is a Hammock Tarp and Hammock Rain Fly the same thing?

A Hammock Tarp and a Hammock Rain fly are the same things and they do the same job. It just depends on what you want to call them or what some of the manufacturers call them.

What is the Best Size Tarp for a Hammock?

Under most situations, an 11-foot-long hammock tarp or 12-foot-long hammock tarp is the best size to use to provide shelter for a tarp.

What is the best tarp to use with a hammock?

The best tarp to use with a hammock is lightweight, strong in windy conditions, and waterproof. Models such as the Kammok Kuhli Shelter, Kammok Kuhli Ultralight, and the ultralight Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Tarp are some of the best on the market.

How heavy is a hammock rain tarp?

Most rain tarps designed for backpacking hammocks weigh less than 1lb. Some are made from ultralight materials such as Dyneema which makes them only a couple of ounces in weight. If using a tarp for around the home, weight is not really an issue.

Best Hammock Tarp Rain Fly
Best Hammock Tarps

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