Best Ultralight and Lightweight Tent Stakes for Backpacking 2024

Best Tent Stakes

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This is a review of all the best backpacking tent stakes for 2024.

All the Best Ultralight Tents, 4 Season Tents, and Ultralight Tarps on the market can be made lighter and safer with quality lightweight tent stakes.

I tested the tent pegs for their weight, strength, holding power, and value and have ranked which ones will be best suited for your needs. They were tested in mud, sand, rocky terrain, snow, and mixed dirt and soil.

After thousands of nights sleeping in a tent in all kinds of weather and in all sorts of conditions, I believe the items below are the best on the market in 2024. Let’s take a look.

How We Tested

All the Tent Stakes in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has many years of experience in Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, and Hiking. Some of the Ultralight Tent Pegs were purchased and some were supplied by the manufacturer. They have been rigorously tested by the author in all kinds of conditions. The research, testing, and experience of the author have combined to come up with the best tent stakes for 2024. Read the Review Policy for further details.

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Best Tent Stakes for Backpacking 2024

The best tent stakes for backpacking in 2024 are:

Best Tent Stake – Overall

MSR Mini Groundhog

MSR Mini Groundhog is the best tent peg overall

Weight: 0.35 oz / 10 grams
Length: 6 inches / 15cm

> Lightweight
> Strong
> High-visibility pull cord.
> Compact
> Easy to use
> No Stuff Sack
> Can be difficult to remove

For anyone heading into the backcountry or going on overnight trips, I recommend these user-friendly and lightweight stakes for your tent. They are the best balance between value, durability, and lightweight.

These shorter tent stakes are made of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum and drives well into a variety of soil types, withstanding even the harshest of conditions. 

I tested this product in the field in hard soil, soft soil and rocky areas. I also used them in soft muddy terrain. I liked the shorter length which made installation easier. In most cases, you are able to use your hands and feet to set the stake in the ground. The stakes are easily removed from the ground thanks to the paracord loop but if you like to pack super light this paracord loop can be removed.

The thin neck at the notch is also a weak point, and while it is one of the easier stakes to install by stepping it with your boot, you need to take care when achieving a decent placement and you need to watch out for any breakage. That thin neck also does a good job of locking the guy lines in place which is appreciated in windy weather.

But there are some issues we have to point out. Like many stakes, they can be difficult to remove by hand in hard, firm soil even with the help of the paracord loop. I like to give them a light sideways kick first to loosen the soil around them before pulling them out.

Overall, the MSR Mini Groundhog is the best lightweight tent stake for 2024. It has the best balance between price, weight, and strength.

Compare Prices:

Best Ultralight Tent Stake

MSR Carbon-Core Tent Stakes

MSR Carbon Core are the best ultralight tent stakes

Weight: 0.19 oz / 5.5 grams
Length: 6 inches / 15cm

> Super lightweight.
> Large diameter for good holding power.
> Extremely strong and durable.
> Highly visible
> Expensive

Another great option for ultralight hikers and backpackers are the Carbon-Core tent stakes from MSR. They only weigh 0.19oz per stake. But while they are super lightweight, they are strong and durable too thanks to their carbon fiber core and 7000-series aluminum.

However, their strength is relative to their weight. These stakes will not hold up under intense hammering, but the stake head is wide enough that you can exert decent enough pressure with your hand to drive them into the ground. 

I tested this product in the field in hard soil, soft soil and rocky areas. I also used them in soft muddy terrain. I found it to work very well in all conditions except hard rocky ground. As this tent peg is slightly wider than most of the others I often found it difficult to find a way into the hard rocky ground. But that alone was not enough to prevent you from considering this stake. I carry a couple of these with me on almost all backpacking trips.

They’re also a bright red color that really stands out once they’re once set. If you want to pack as light as possible, you need to make sure you have these ultralight stakes in your rucksack.

Overall, if you want the best ultralight tent stake for 2024 then this is for you.

Compare Prices:

Best Tent Stakes for Backpacking

MSR Groundhog

MSR Goundhog is the best tent stake for backpacking

Weight: 0.5 oz / 14 grams
Length: 7.5 inches / 19cm

> Lightweight
> Strong
> Sold as a set or individually
> Good holding power in almost all conditions
> Can be hard to remove in hard soil
> Not as stackable as V-shaped tent pegs

When it comes to the best general-purpose tent peg for backpacking, the MSR Groundhog is the best backpacking tent peg you can get.

The MSR Groundhog does everything well and if you can’t decide when tent stake to buy, then get this one. I tested this product in the field in hard soil, soft soil and rocky areas. I also used them in soft muddy terrain. It works better than most of the other tents stakes in rocky ground as it is a bit larger and stronger and able to penetrate the rocks or hard soil better. It also performs well in all but the softest sand or very soft muddy soil. Overall, they always perform well.

They are very strong and lightweight tent stakes. While they are slightly heavier than my preferred option, the Groundhog mini, they will give you a broader range of use, especially in tough conditions.

I like the Y-shaped tent stake which provides better strength than most of the other styles. And the aircraft-grade aluminum provides good strength for the weight.

Overall, the MSR Groundhog is the best general-purpose tent stake that works well in all situations. If you can’t decide which one to get, then this is the one you need.

Compare Prices:

Best Budget Tent Stake

Coghlan’s ABS Plastic Tent Pegs

Coglans Plastic is one of the best plastic tent pegs

Weight: 0.3 oz / 8.5 grams
Length: 6 inches / 15cm

> Affordable
> Lightweight
> Highly visible.
> Holds strong in firm ground
> Poor durability.
> Hard to install.
> Not versatile.

Looking for a budget tent stake that just works. These plastic tent stakes from Coghlan’s are a good lightweight tent stake at just 0.3 oz.

Its bright yellow color also makes it highly visible, and it also holds up well in all ground types despite being made of plastic. Even when installed with a hammer into the firm ground the Coghlan’s Tent Peg will hold up but they are not as strong as most of the other tent stakes in this review.

On very hard ground, it’s impossible to install them by hand and foot, and also hard to install them with a hammer. The pegs are also too small and wide to make them completely successful for use on softer ground.

Overall, these are the best budget tent stakes of 2024. They are as light or lighter than most expensive titanium tent stakes at a fraction of the cost, they just lack the strength and durability of the more expensive tent pegs. They are a good option for car camping.

Compare Prices:

Best Tent Stake for Snow Camping

MSR Blizzard Tent Stake

MSR Blizzard tent stake

Weight: 1.5 oz / 43 grams
Length: 9 inches / 22cm

> Made of lightweight aluminum
> Perfect for snow and sand
> Rigid, curved shape
> Very packable
> Only suitable for soft soil or snow

The concave design of the MSR Blizzard Tent Stake makes it great for sand and snow. The several holes found along the length of the stake also provide sturdy anchors in the softest of soil.

If using these stakes in snow, hammer the stakes vertically, but if the snow is particularly soft they hold better when placed horizontally. These stakes hold so well in snow conditions because the snow goes through the holes and keeps them in place.

They’re quite lightweight at 1.19oz and made of aluminum. They’re a bit longer than normal stakes, which is exactly what you need for holding in soft snow.

Overall, these are the best sand tent stakes and they are also the best snow stakes in this review.

Compare Prices:

Best Titanium Tent Stake

ZPacks 6″ Ultralight Titanium Tent Stake

Zpacks 6" Ultralight Titanium Tent Stake is the best titanium tent stake

Weight: 0.19 oz / 5.4 grams
Length: 6 inches / 15cm

> Ultralight
> Strong
> Reasonably priced
> Easy to remove
> Poor holding power in soft terrains such as sand and snow

The Zpacks 6″ Ultralight Titanium Tent Stake is not only the lightest titanium tent stake but strong. It has good holding power in most terrain but will not be the best for soft terrains such as snow or sand.

At only 0.19 oz / 5.4 grams and measuring 6 inches / 15cm in length they also pack to a small size.

Overall, if you are an ultralight backpacker looking for the lightest titanium stakes then the Zpacks 6″ Ultralight Titanium Tent Stake is for you.

Compare Prices:

Vargo Titanium Shepherds Hook

Vargo Titanium Shepherds Hook Tent Stake

Weight: 0.3oz / 8g
Length: 6.6oz / 16.5cm

> Ultralight
> Stronger than most other Shepherd Hood stakes
> Suitable for both firm and rocky soil.
> Compact and pack away small
> Easy to remove from the ground.
> Does not include a stuff sack
> Directional placement needed

Extremely lightweight, the Vargo Titanium Shepherd’s Hook is a titanium stake that is perfect for ultralight backpackers. The stakes come in a pack of six and are surprisingly flexible, able to adapt to whatever ground they’re driven into.

This easy flexibility also lets the stake bend with the direction of pull and then return to its original shape when removed. The hook design also makes it easy to remove even in the toughest ground. Meanwhile, its narrow profile means it can work into rocky ground too. 

But while the Vargo Ti Shepherd’s Hook flexibility and durability are impressive, there is a downside to its flexibility.

The stake can be quite tricky to install by hand and foot, especially underfoot as you break into the hard ground. You have to be careful not to stamp too hard to get a good placement, as is usually the case with lightweight stakes.

The compact size of these lightweight stakes is impressive. However, a tent stake bag to keep them all together would be appreciated.

But we’re sure most ultralight backpackers would prefer to leave a stuff sack home anyway. The cylindrical shaft also doesn’t have as much holding power as tri-beam models. 

However, these stakes are a must for ultralight backpackers and are super functional.

Compare Prices:

More Tent Pegs Worth Considering

Orange Screw / Neso Ultimate Ground Anchor

Orange Screw / Neso Sand Ground Anchor

Weight: 1.8oz / 51g
Length: 9.5 inches / 24cm

> Strong holding power.
> Easy to install.
> High visibility or black.
> Made from sustainable materials.
> Bulky
> Best suited to soft, loose sediment only.
> Doesn’t include a stuff sack.
> Heavy

For those who enjoy camping on the beach, or anywhere with soft sediment, the Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor could be a good option. It is also known as the Neso Ground Screw Stake but is the same thing.

Its screw design does not need a hammer or nearby rock to bang it into the ground. Instead, you install them with a plastic tube that threads through the top of the anchor for extra leverage to help you screw the stakes in by hand. Even if the anchor can only get halfway into the ground, the flexible plastic and effective traction of the screw in the ground should still provide a good hold.

However, the Orange Screw is only good on soft ground and not suitable for backpacking in anything other than very soft loose sand or loose soil that needs super strong holding power.

They also have high visibility which makes them great for backyard canopies, car camping, and festivals. They’re also great for the environmentally conscious as they’re made from recycled materials. 

Overall, these are heavy duty tent stakes for car camping on soft sand, backpackers would prefer something lighter and less bulky.

Compare Prices:

TOAKS Titanium V-Shaped

Toaks Titanium V Shape titanium peg

Weight: 0.4 oz / 12 grams
Length: 6.5 inches / 16.5 cm

> Low weight profile.
> Neat, stackable design.
> Great holding power in softer ground
> Have to be careful when installing by foot.
> Hard to remove.
> Flimsy

There is a lot to like about the Toaks Titanium V-shape tent pegs. Their v-shape design makes them great for holding strong in softer ground but they also work quite well on hard-packed ground. The nesting nature of these stakes makes them compact and easy to store. And they are ultralight at 0.4 oz weight.

They also come in a lightweight, high-visibility orange stuff sack, which reduces all the fumbling and frustration you get while searching for your stakes while trying to pitch a tent at night, or in a dark backpack.

However, the Toaks Titanium V-shaped tent pegs are not without their issues. While it’s super simple to hammer these pegs in certain conditions, it gets a bit harder when installing these pegs with hands and feet on harder ground.

Overall, the Toaks Titanium V-Shape tent stakes are lightweight design and packed together into a small stackable shape. These are a great choice for ultralight backpackers wanting titanium stakes.

Compare Prices:

REI Co-Op Snow Stake

REI Co-Op Snow Stake

Weight: 1oz / 28g
Length: 9.6 inches / 24cm

> Excellent for camping in snow.
> Affordable
> Lightweight
> Bright color
> Hard to press into the ground

The REI snow stake is a good budget option tent stake for snow camping. It is relatively lightweight considering the large size at 1oz. For most people heading off on a backpacking trip or ski touring trip into the backcountry this will be all you will need for snow camping. They could also be used in soft sandy soils but don’t use them on anything other than that.

Overall, the REI Snow Stakes are the best budget tent stakes for snow camping.

Compare Prices:


The author holding 5 tent stakes during testing of the best tent stakes
Testing some of the best tent stakes

Tent Stakes Comparison Table

MSR Mini Groundhog0.35 oz6 inchesAluminum
MSR Carbon-Core Tent Stakes0.19 oz6 inchesCarbon, Aluminum
MSR Groundhog0.5 oz7.5 inchesAluminum
Coghlan’s ABS Plastic Tent Peg0.3 oz6 inchesPlastic
MSR Blizzard Tent Stake1.5 oz9 inchesAluminum
ZPacks 6″ Ultralight Titanium Tent Stake0.19 oz6 InchesTitanium
Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook0.3 oz6.5 inchesTitanium
Orange Screw / Neso Sand Ground Anchor 1.8 oz9.5 ozPolycarbonate
TOAKS Titanium V-Shaped 0.4 oz6.5 inchesTitanium
REI Co-Op Snow Stake1 oz9.6 inchesAluminum
Source: Manufacturers

Types of Tent Stakes

Shepherds Hooks

Shepherds Hooks are thin pegs that have a hook shape at the top. These are often the lightest of all the peg styles but they are also prone to bending easily if mistreated.

Y stakes

Y shaped tent stakes are usually stronger than Shepherds hooks but a little heavier and bulkier. These are some of the best types of tent stakes for backpacking. They offer a great balance between weight, strength and packability.

V Stakes

V Stakes are similar to Y stakes and some styles are more packable. The V Stakes have the great benefit that they can all fit together into a very small size which means they will take up the least amount of room in your ultralight backpack.

Nail Pegs

Nail Pegs are simple and usually strong but often need to be a bit heavier and thicker than Shepherds hooks.

Snow and Sand Stakes

Snow and Sand Stakes are thicker and flatter to provide a larger surface area in sand and snow. They are usually unsuitable for hard soil.

Screw Stakes

Screw Stakes are specialist peg that screws into both hard and soft soil.



Titanium is regarded as the strongest and lightest material for tent stakes. This strength and weight saving comes at a higher price.

Aluminum Tent Stakes

Aluminum Tent Stakes are the best compromise between cost, weight, and durability. These are the preferred items for most tent manufacturers. Aluminum stakes are probably the best option for most people as they are a good balance between strength, cost, and holding strength.

Carbon Tent Stakes

Carbon Tent Stakes are very niche and come with an expensive price tag. They are strong and impressively ultralight. Generally, they are only for those wanting the latest and lightest tent pegs.

Steel Tent Stakes

Steel tent stakes are strong but heavy and best avoided as all the other materials listed are better options.

Testing the MSR Carbon material which is one of the lightest tents stakes
Testing the MSR Carbon material which is one of the lightest tents stakes


Almost all tent stakes nowadays are lightweight but when you have all the best ultralight hiking gear and want to cuts some grams here and there they are a good option.

I would recommend buying the best you can afford only when you are replacing broken ones rather than buying new ones and throwing the old ones away.

The MSR Carbon Core is the best ultralight tent stake
The MSR Carbon Core is the best ultralight tent stake


All the tent stakes in this review will bend and break. Try to hammer them into hard ground or use your Hiking Boot to put pressure on them in an attempt to sink them into the ground and they may bend.

I like to buy a couple more than I really need and use them as replacements when I bend them out of shape. You can bend and straighten them if needed but usually, they will never be the same again when they have been bent once.

The MSR Groundhog is a strong tent stake well suited to most conditions
The MSR Groundhog is a strong tent stake well suited to most conditions

Holding Power

How strong does the wind need to be to pull out the tent stake, or worse, bend it. A bent tent stake will cause the guy rope to slip off so always best prevented.

The worst kind of wind that will cause issues for the tent peg is the blustery gale that will cause the guy ropes to pull hard and then release the tension on the tent stake. Often this causes the tent peg to loosen in the ground and either bend or pull loose.

Snow and sand stakes are the stand-out performers in soft conditions due to the larger surface areas but V and Y-shaped stakes work very well in most other soils.

Testing the MSR Groundhog mini in hard packed soil with lots of small rocks
Testing the MSR Groundhog mini in hard packed soil with lots of small rocks, I like how the guy line locks in place.


Tent Pegs are so small and lightweight that not many people take into account how packable they are. V Stakes are the most packable as they nest together making the pack size very small. Nail stakes and shepherds hooks are also very packable. Y Stakes and Screw stakes might have stronger holding power but they are not as packable.


The best backpacking tent stakes for 2024 are:

Another one of the Best Backpacking Gear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Carbon Tent Stakes better than Titanium Tent Stakes?

Carbon tent stakes are best if weight is your only consideration. Carbon Tent Stakes are tough and ultralight but very expensive. Titanium tent stakes are generally cheaper and come in many different versions.

Are ultralight tent stakes worth it?

Ultralight tent stakes can be expensive depending on what style they are and what material is used. Plastic and aluminum are cheap and lightweight but titanium and carbon are expensive.

Tent Stakes for hiking and backpacking
Tent Stakes for backpacking

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