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1st August

28.7 miles

Bushcamp (1680.2) to Bushcamp (1708.9)

I should have taken some photos. It was a clear night with no moon and the stars were so bright they cast a shadow. Maybe tomorrow night, if I’m awake.

There was nothing exceptional about today. Just one of those days to make some miles and daydream. I also spent some time planning things in my head. Details about the hike. The next towns, resupplies, showers, permits for Yellowstone. Permits for Yellowstone and picking up resupplies played on my mind all day. If I kept hiking at this pace I would get to Yellowstone on Saturday afternoon. I have new shoes and more to pick up at the post office. It’s not open on Saturday. It was not possible for me to push for bigger miles to get there by 4.30pm Friday. I’d need to do 35-38 mile days to get there in time. Or I could chill out and do 20-25 mile days. I think I’ll smell the roses or wildflowers in the coming days.

With all those thoughts gone from my head it was time to relax and enjoy the hike. Most hikers say that the hiking is the easy part. It’s the logistics, the planning, the opening and closing hours of post offices, the fire detours etc that are the most difficult. Hiking 25-30 miles a day, easy.

I decided to sit next to a small stream and have dinner at 5.30pm. Spicey Korean Ramen. For a change there were no bugs, which made eating a joy. Oh yeah, the bugs can be viscous sometimes.

I continued hiking until near sunset. I camped on a fire scared hill from years past. I only saw one southbound hiker today. Apart from him I was alone. I’m starting to crave company.

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  1. Heather

    I love seeing all of your photos, but the last one of the wildflower and the sun is especially beautiful.


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