CDT Day 11 Heavy Legs

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28th April

18 miles (29km)

Silver City (161.6) to Sycamore Creek Camp (179.6)

I had almost forgotten that feeling of lethargy that comes after having a day off. My legs felt like lead weights. My body felt stiff. I felt like I haven’t had enough sleep. And I had no appetite all day. To make matters worse I stepped on the sharp end of a bottle cap on the floor of the hotel room and bruised my heal. I walked with a strange limp today.

This morning I sent a text to Crunchmaster, who was in the room across the hall, advising him that both Spontaneous and I were waiting for him downstairs in the hotel lobby. It was 7.30am. I had packed the night before and was still in bed. Spontaneous was in the shower. 10 minutes later I got a text from Crunchmaster asking our whereabouts. The friendly banter between us started a couple of days ago. I’m waiting for the payback.

We had breakfast in an old style diner then started our long road walk out of Silver City. We steadily climbed to the Gila National Forest. The trees got bigger the higher we climbed. We followed sealed roads, unsealed roads, jeep trail, quad bike tracks and finally narrow hiking trails. There were many rocky sandstone outcrops which reminded me a lot of home. In fact, all of New Mexico reminds me of home. Except maybe the guys who drive large pickup trucks with large exhaust pipes. Several times they drove past then put the pedal to the metal. Coating me with black diesel exhaust fumes. Good work dickheads.

Anyway, we passed several streams. We took the opportunity to fill up as we needed. All of us were so tired we slept at every rest stop. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Three sleep breaks in one day.

We commented late in the day that it was strange not to see any other hikers. Then at about 4pm we passed two overloaded guys. An hour later we met a solo lady. Then as we set up camp at about 7pm we again met Tank, who started the same day as us.

Yesterday it was all over the news and our weather app that high winds would hit us at 2pm. 50mph it advised. Luckily it didn’t hit us. By 8pm I was sleeping

we slept at every rest stop
old mining ruins
I was very tired all day
how I feel about hiking the CDT

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