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5th August

27.2 miles

Yellowstone NP border (1763.1) to Grants Village (1790.3)

I wanted to start hiking early so I could make it to Grants Village in Yellowstone. I didn’t have any backcountry permits so needed to stop there to organise them. But the morning was cold, below zero. I struggled to get out of my warm sleeping bag.

Within a few short miles of hiking I had to cross a stream. No logs or rocks to hop across. I had to get wet. Made all the less appealing by the still freezing temperatures. Brrrr.

The trail was quite easy going. I was still hiking alone. Every once in a while I’d yell out and bang my trekking poles together to make noise. Hoping not to startle a bear. I did see some fresh Grizzly cub tracks, but no sighting. I stepped up the frequency of calls at this point.

It was after midday when I saw my first southbound hikers. A couple I met in New Mexico. They flipped up to Canada to walk south, the snow was too much for them, they told me. Two other southbound hikers appeared a little later.

I passed the large Heart Lake and several hot springs, cold springs and geysers. None of which were overly appealing. I think they get better in other sections of the park. I’m not sure if I pass them or not in coming days.

It was 6.30pm when I hit the tourist crowded highway to beg for a lift. Tourists rarely if ever pick up hitch hikers. A local passing through gave me a lift. I didn’t have to wait too long. I had a take away dinner and strolled to the $8.40 hiker/biker campsite. I’m tired, again.

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10 Responses

  1. Heather

    Amazing that it is so cold there while we are still at 100 degrees and higher here in Texas. Stay warm!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      There are some good hot springs but most are either too hot or dangerous

  2. Kathy

    I enjoy your instagram pictures so much. I will be in Yellowstone in 2 weeks, can not wait. Guess i should pack some warm clothes?

  3. Roy

    As someone that has been to Yellowstone many times, be very careful for Grizzly bears… Do not keep your food in or near your tent.. If you have time, take the time to see the many wonders of the park…Its a fantastic experience.. Last month some fool fell into one of the boiling geysers when he made the stupid decision to go off the trail…

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Yellowstone was amazing. I will return to explore other areas of the park one day, it exceeded my expectations. Stay tuned for more Yellowstone posts


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