7th August 

13.5 miles

Grants Village (1790.3) to Basin Beach Campsite (1803.8)

Nips and I made our way to the all you can eat buffet breakfast. The same place I frequented yesterday. Six plates of food, we both ate six plates of food. Lots of fresh fruit and yogurt. We both needed it.

I went with Nips to the backcountry permits office. We organised to hike together for the next couple of days. The Bear attack a couple of days ago freaked us both out, just a little. I showed photos of the bear prints outside my tent a couple of days ago to the Rangers. Grizzly, definitely grizzly tracks. That also freaked me out that a couple of days ago I had a grizzly bear a couple of metres from my tent. It occurred near the same area a grizzly attacked a thru hiker, and I also found out that the problem Grizzlies from Yellowstone are not killed but relocated south of Yellowstone to the same area. So, the bad bears from Yellowstone attacked a thru hiker and the bad bears from Yellowstone walked through my campsite several nights ago. I’m not walking alone for at least the next little while.

Nips and I hitchhiked back to the trailhead after lunch and suffered through intermittent showers and thunderstorms for the rest of the afternoon. The scenery was not overly stunning but I was told that tomorrow will be amazing.

Our camp for the night was a shared camp. When I arrived I saw the Warrior Hikers. I was reunited with Lucky. I also caught up with John, I hadn’t seen him since Rawlins. And Porchlight, I hadn’t seen him since the start of the Gila River in New Mexico, 1500 miles ago. We all camped together. I think it’s the most thru hikers I’ve camped with on the whole trail.

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  1. anna

    Enjoyed these last few posts. Not sure about all that grizzly activity though! I’ll stick to drop bears! 🙂

  2. Dave

    Please tell Nips it was great meeting him at Dumont Lake in Colorado when he stopped by for an evening beer you guys are doing great keep it up! Dave


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