CDT Day 113 Valley of the Geysers

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8th August

21.7 miles

Basin Beach (1803.8) to Summit Lake (1825.5)

It was only a mile hike to Shoeshone Geyser basin, the valley of the geysers. A mile long section of hot springs, geysers and thermal activity. A combination of a cold morning and thermal activity produced a dramatic scene. Hollywood dreams up landscapes like this.

Alone I walked through the valley of the geysers. Rounding a corner a small geyser erupted only a meter from the trail. In the distance and nearby were geysers, hot springs and mud springs. I felt like I was in a grown ups version discovery channel. I wanted to linger, I did linger. I also promised myself that one day soon I will return to explore this area further. In fact I want to explore all of Wyoming further. It has been amazing.

The rest of the trail to Old Faithful Village was lacklustre in comparison. Lucky caught up to me. We chatted and caught up on the latest trail talk. Turns out he saw a grizzly bear 10 miles out of the town of Lander. That’s on the south side of the Wind River range. Almost part of the Great Basin. Grizzly Bears have been the talk of the trail this year. Seems almost every hiker has a story or encounter. To my knowledge that’s the furthest south a grizzly bear has known to travel in USA.

Old Faithful Village was not my favourite place. I’m not a fan of the kind of tourism that crowds thousands of people in one place. In fact I watched the eruption of Old Faithful Geyser. Some people may not know that the times of the eruptions are predicted, and fairly accurate. I found the whole thing and the whole place overwhelming. I guess that why I prefer the backcountry hiking and discovery of smaller geysers.

It was another hiker reunion at Old Faithful village. I finished the PCT last year 15 minutes behind a hiker called ‘You Again’. We met again at the village. I also met up with ‘Wildfeather’. I hadn’t seen her since Pie Town, 1500 miles ago in New Mexico.

I received some packages at the post office. I finally got new shoes, very well needed. And I received a care package from Christina. She is living in Alaska and sent me my most favourite beer in the world, Alaska Pale Ale. Thanks Christina.

Late afternoon we set off for our final night in Yellowstone at Summit Lake. Maybe 10 thru hikers were there. Both northbounders and southbounders.

1150 miles vs brand new

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  1. Since we didn’t get the chance to meet up…would still like to show you more of Wyoming. There is a really great 55+ mile loop trail around the Cloud Peak Wilderness that is stunning. I just finished it solo. I think you would love it.

    1. I will keep that in mind, I will return to Wyoming one day, there is so much more I want to explore in this part of the world.

  2. That is beautiful. I would like to that myself one day. Sometimes when I go on facebook and see your post I think, I can’t believe he’s still hiking!” Enjoy!

  3. Amazing difference in tread on those shoes! The photo of you smelling the new ones made me laugh. I love my Vasque boots. What made you decide to change to trail runners from boots? Those geyser photos are beautiful. Would love to go there someday.

    1. I prefer the shoes, they are very comfortable. I changed to waterproof boots to keep my feet warm and free of snow.

  4. Just don’t start anything with a grizzly human or otherwise. Great hiking in thaws beautiful new shoes. You probably will not be smelling them again. What a fantastic collection of trail friends you are gathering. I find it quit wonderful that you are meeting friends from other hikes etc. did you meet the Ravens last year on the PCT. They are back on the trail and about to reach the Canadian end/beginning.

    1. There is a great comradeship on the trail and slowly we all get to know each other. Yes I did meet the Ravens on numerous occasions last year, an inspirational family

  5. Fantastic pictures of the ‘smaller’ geysers. The new shoes! I always find fascinating old vs new shoes of thru-hikers. Hope you’ll be ok with the bears, just don’t start fishing salmon… ;-) Cheers :-)

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