CDT Day 118 Lima town break

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13th August

10 miles

Ridgecamp (1918.7) to Lima (1928.8)

We had an organised pick up at Interstate 15 highway. We organised a 10.30am pick up. The hiking was easy and mostly downhill. But we had a slight problem. Lucky organised a pick up at the highway. A communication problem led to our pick up being at a different location than we thought.

We did get picked up and dropped off at the turn off Lima. Thank you to the kind people of the nearby town of Dillan they gave us a lift. I had to say goodbye to my hiking buddy Lucky. He is in a different schedule and we may not see each other again on the trail. Good luck buddy.

Nips, Easyrider and myself shared a room at the Mountain View Motel, the local hangout for hikers. They organise shuttles to and from the trail for hikers. So are rightfully popular.

The evening was spent at the local bar, eating, drinking a beer and playing pool. Very relaxing.

photo credit – nips
Nips and Stone photo credit – nips
photo credit – nips

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  1. Hey Brad – I’ve been following you the whole summer, but haven’t been able to comment for a while. Back in NM I commented on the orange tint in your pictures – it seems now that the reason is not necessarily your camera, but the landscape itself! Lots of orange dirt/sand in NM – the colors worked themselves out in Colorado. Some orange in Wyoming, though.
    I read recently that you’re going to do the AT next year – completing the Triple Crown. What will you do during the ‘off season’? More biking in Mexico? Do you think that tired you out last year before the CDT?
    Glad you’re doing well. God bless you, mate.

    Mike M, Riverside, CA

    1. I’ll be on the AT next year for sure to complete hikings triple crown. After the CDT I’ll be joining a charity hike to the east coast of USA, more details to come in the next 4-6 weeks. After that I’ll be cycling again in Mexico and Guatemala, maybe even Cuba.
      As for being tired out I’m not sure. Thru hiking certainly takes a toll on the body. I’ll rest up for maybe a month before hiking again. Glad that most of the colours have worked themselves out.

  2. My son is SOBO going into LIma, Paul, maybe Aquaman. Would love for him to meet you. He is planning wind river range, as well

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