CDT Day 119 No energy today

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14th August

7.7 miles

Lima (1928.8) to Ridgecamp (1936.5)

I bid goodbye to some of my hiking buddies in the morning. I’d hoped to share some trail time with my old PCT hiking buddy Stone but his work schedule is tight and he had to make the miles. Earlier he retired his shoes to a tree out the front of the hotel. Over the years cyclists and hikers have retired their shoes there. Had I known about this place I would have retired my old Vasque shoes to this monument to hikers used footware.

I set off for the trail about 4 hours later with Nips and Easyrider.It was around 1pm when we started hiking. It’s not everyday that I leave a town with absolutely no energy. I really should have just had a day off to rest but Canada was calling my name. I ate little in the way if fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe that was part to blame.

Nips and Easyrider were not feeling it today either. This made me feel better for no other reason that I didn’t slow anybody down. It was almost comical as we would throw down our packs to rest and threaten to camp every 2-3 miles.

Things were not made any easier by the excessive amount of food weight I was carrying. A misreading of the maps in town that led us to believe we needed 3 litres of water for a dry camp. The result, my pack was heavy with food and water weight.

We camped early on a slightly protected ridge. The wind at times was excessive, and we were climbing ever upwards. Setting up camp on the potentially exposed higher ridges could have proved to be a flawed decision. Even though the real reason was we had cell phone service nearby and we were tired. Some days are not meant for big mileage days. I was in my sleeping bag trying to sleep well before darkness arrived. Good night.

Stone retires his shoes to the tree of sole (shoe tree), Cloudbuster is looking for a better pair
Kiros, Cloudbuster, Stone, Elusive and myself (Shepherd)
Stone, a soon to be triple crown hiker

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