15th August 

25.4 miles

Ridgecamp (1936.5) to Spring camp (1959.9)

Yesterday was a wasted day, mileage wise. Today we all felt so much better. The trail, however, did its best to wear us down. In the morning we were either climbing or descending steep sections of trail. It did tire us a bit. But the views from the ridgeline kept it scenically entertained. The trail followed a fence line which not only marked the continental divide but also the border between Idaho and Montana.

When we finally reached the high point we were able to make the miles come a bit quicker. I struggled as my plantar fasciitis gave me some pain in my heal. I stretched, massaged and loaded up on ibuprofen. It worked, somewhat. It seems I can’t pick which day or which time I will suffer. It will not stop me from getting to Canada.

It was about 7.30pm when we stopped to set up camp. Southbound hikers appeared. I recognised Recon, a hiker I met on several occasions on the PCT last year. He was hiking with Aquacam and Laughtrack. I believe Aquacams mother reads this blog, he says hello. We all caught up and chatted for 30 minutes. The sun was getting low in the sky. My hiker hunger had me consuming around 1000 calories for dinner, I think I could have eaten more, I was still hungry as I went to sleep.

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4 Responses

  1. Kg6394@sbcglobal.net

    Thanks Brad for picture. Worth 1000 words. You two look alike, only 20 years seperate you. I owe you another meal. Best of luck, always. I am so glad he met you. Be safe, small world isnt it?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Cheers, not sure if I would meet any other southbounders but they’re still coming. Yes small world, specially the thru hiking world


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