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16th August

29.4 miles

Spring Camp (1959.9) to Rock Creek (1989.5)

I was last to leave camp in the morning. I like to eat my hot oats and hot coffee before I leave. Nips and Easyrider are much quicker at packing up due to the lack of breakfast they consume. It wasn’t long before I caught up.

The morning trail was rather flat and the miles came easy. There was just a hint of smoke in the air. Occasionally we could all smell the smoke, but from where did it come. We did not know. There is a fire somewhere.

Later in the day we caught up to Elusive. One hell of an inspirational 72 year old. Hiking, cycling and canoeing all over North America. He left the town of Lima about five hours ahead of us. As we caught up to him we could see Stone, my PCT hiking buddy,  in the distance. It was a couple more hours before we went past him courtesy of an alternative route that saved a mile or two of trail.

By late afternoon we climbed to a fast flowing creek to camp. I started to bonk. My stores of energy were depleted. The last quarter mile to camp seemed to take forever. My legs were weak, my emotions starting affect me, my hands weak and ready to start shaking and I had the hunger of three men.

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  1. Bob Jaworski

    What state are you in? Are you still criss-crossing back and forth between Idaho and Montana?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Both states. The actual continental divide is the border so the trail jumps between Idaho and Montana. Soon the trail will head more northerly in Montana.


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