CDT Day 122 2000 miles plus

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17th August

28.1 miles

Rock Creek (1989.5) to Spring Camp (2017.6)

It was an early start. Elusive was already on trail, he started hiking early. It wasn’t long before Nips, Easyrider and I caught up to him. It also wasn’t long before we caught up to Stone. Stone hiked with us for the rest of the day.

I hiked with Stone through parts of the desert section of the PCT last year. We spent hours chatting about all things hiking and more. I realised something. I really like hiking. I really like talking about hiking. I guess I really like all things about the outdoors.

Most of the day was spent hiking on roads that followed the continental divide which is the border between Idaho and Montana. At times I could choose which state To hike in. Walk to the left and I’m in Idaho, walk to the right and I’m in Montana.

Late in the day we bumped into some southbound thru hikers. One guy had already hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT) and Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) this year. That’s right he had already hiked over 5000 miles since January 1. He is attempting the triple crown of hiking in one year. Then there was Brazil Nut. She is hiking the CDT for the second time. She had already hiked the AT and PCT twice. Makes my journey human like in comparison to these superhuman athletic types.

As the sun set we camped on a high ridge near a nice water Spring. Oh, I almost forgot, I clocked up over 2000 miles of hiking today.

Stone has much longer legs than me

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