I’m CDT Day 123 Leadore Idaho

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18th August

11.1 miles

Spring Camp (2017.6) to Leadore (2028.7)

Only a couple of hours of easy Ridgetop hiking bought us all to Bannock Pass. Earlier we contacted Sam from the Leadore Inn, he said he would pick us up at midday. And indeed he arrived on time.

Leadore is typical of small town America. A place that is slowly fading away. The main street is littered with businesses that are closed down. Just one small gas station which is also the grocery store, one cafe, a four room hotel and an RV park which was empty. I had a couple of conversations with the locals. I could easily be in small town outback Australia.

We all devoured a generous sized meal at the cafe and washed it down with a beer. It was late when we heard of a fire just to the north of us on the CDT. We decided we would deal with that in the morning as we lay on the middle of the highway watching the sunset.

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