21st August 

22 miles

Farmers field (2069.4) to Swamp (2089.4)

From our moist campsite surrounded by swamp and cattle poo we set off early. There was little traffic on the road. That’s right I’m road walking on a highway due to the fires that have closed the CDT. I did see an Amish couple traveling up the road on their horse and cart. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

It wasn’t long before we arrived in the town of Salmon. It was large enough to have a family dollar store for me to resupply and a Burger King to charge up my electronics. We lingered long enough till we realised there was a brewery in town. It was lunch time so we had a beer with our salad. That’s right, all three of us had salad and a beer. The brewery was open for breakfast, why on earth did we linger at Burger King. Live and learn.

By 2pm we set off only to get hit with a wall of heat. It was over 100F. We hiked about a mile to a gas station that made me a large milkshake. I suffered from minor brain freeze. Nips and Easyrider took delight in sipping a beer or three or four. I set off without them.

I managed to hike about 10 miles out of the town of Salmon. It stayed hot all evening as I hiked. Farmers fields dominated the roadside but I found a small grassy field near a roadside turnout that mentioned it was part of the Idaho Bird Trail. I waited till it was completely dark expecting Nips and Easyrider to arrive. They did not. I camped alone.

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