CDT Day 127 Last full day in Idaho

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22nd August

27 miles

Swampcamp (2089.4) to Highway camp (2116.4)

I set off alone to the small resort town of North Fork. The road slowly worked it’s way along the Salmon River. As I looked at the river I thought to myself that it would have been a great idea to hire a raft and paddle down the Salmon river instead of walking next to it

Around lunchtime I arrived at North Fork. Nips and Easyrider were already there. Turns out they stayed in the town of Salmon until very late yesterday. They hiked through the night then camped at a pull out next to the highway. When they described the place it turns out they camped about 50 meters from me. As they arrived at midnight and departed around 5am I didn’t see them. They didn’t see me as I was partially hidden from the road.

I ate way too much food at the resort. We all ate too much. It was slow going as we again set off on the highway yet again. Highway walking is rarely as exciting as hiking on a nice trail but I think my body is thankful for the lack of punishment it is receiving. If a 27 mile roadwalk is considered non punishing on the body.

Places to camp were somewhat lacking. We settled on a campsite very close to where Lewis and Clark camped when they tramped through this part of the world during their days of exploration. Although we were right next to the highway the traffic seemed quite low which promised a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we bid farewell to Idaho as we turn north to our final state of Montana.

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  1. Almost to Montana already? Wow, the time has flown by! Well, maybe not to you since you’re the one hiking, haha! Are you still happy with your Big Agnes tent? I have narrowed down the possible choices and am purchasing a tent within the next few days. Getting ready for a backpacking trip to New Mexico next summer and then the JMT in July 2018. I’d love to know what you like about the tent and what you don’t care for.

    1. I used the Big Agnes tent last year in the PCT. I switched to the Nemo Hornet tent this year, it was lighter and smaller, I’m very happy with it. The Big Agnes is also a great tent and very popular on the trail. I learned of the Nemo tent when I hiked with Crunchmaster last year, he also had one. I really like a tent that has a side entrance rather than a tunnel tent, they are just more comfortable. Good luck in New Mexico and the JMT. The JMT is a world class great hike.

      1. Thank you! I like the idea of 2 doors and 2 vestibules and am going with a 2-person so I can have plenty of room inside for gear if I need it. I am reading everything I can get my hands on about the JMT, buying and replacing old gear, and looking so forward to hiking with an old high school friend who lives in CA. Like me, she doesn’t have any friends or family near her who have discovered the joys of long-distance backpacking and is thrilled about our trip. Thank you for the recommendations.

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