26th August 

28.9 miles

Stream camp (2194.4) to near Anaconda (2223.3)

To my surprise it was not freezing this morning. As I set off hiking my friends the chipmunks were going about their business as usual. So were the small Pikas (smallest member of the rabbit family) and marmots. And the seemed to be more birds calling than I’ve noticed in recent weeks. Also a rather unafraid Deer was too focused eating mushrooms right next to the trail. Things seem to be changing as I move north.

I had a couple of mountain passes to scale before the long downhill roadwalk that would take me to the town of Anaconda. I wasn’t going to make it into town today, it was just a little bit too far. So I took my time enough to enjoy the scenery and talk with some of the local day hikers, who are very knowledgeable about the CDT.

It was mid afternoon when I knew I was going to have a problem. I was going to run out of food. A combination of poor planning on my part and a ravenous appetite in recent days. There wasn’t much I could do about it, other than walking till about 10pm where I would find myself in the town of Anaconda. At 5pm I ate the last of my food, a small packet of biscuits. That would have to suffice until I reached town tomorrow morning. 

I walked till late and set up camp among some small shrubs. I was very close to the main highway but I was also close to a babbling stream which I hope will drown out the noise of the traffic. This form of stealth camping is not something I would have thought as normal while hiking the CDT. But as I go to bed hungry next to the highway, I shall embrace the brutality.

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  1. Heidi rice

    I keep looking to find fairies on the mushrooms! The picture does not seem real. Hope today finds your rested and fed.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      The mushrooms and colours were surreal. I’m rested but I think I need a couple of weeks rest, I’m very tired. Not long till I’m in Canada

  2. Kieran

    That first Mushroom is edible, but at this stage I’d understand not wanting to risk it

    • BikeHikeSafari

      There were plenty of them around but I don’t eat mushrooms, I’ve never liked them

  3. Sean

    We “spoke” a little earlier in the year; any idea about when you think you’ll finally make it to Glacier National Park? I am going to be there this weekend through about Wednesday of next week so if you are in the area by then, there’s a bed with your name on it.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks for the offer. I should be in East Glacier around 12-13th Sep, I hope. I’ll be meeting my girlfriend and some friends who will be joining me for the final push to the border.

      • Sean

        That’s not going to fit my timeline since I’ll already be back in Wisconsin by then. Oh well. You’re going to love Glacier; this is probably my 20th trip there, which isn’t bad considering I live 1,500 miles (or about 4 months walking) away. Enjoy and keep up the travels and blog!

      • BikeHikeSafari

        Turns out I’ll be there a bit later than expected. By body is breaking down so I’ll be there several days later than expected. They are expecting snow this weekend

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