CDT Day 134 Still Moving North

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29th August

13.3 miles

Anaconda (2231.1) to Farmers field (2244.4)

I took way too long leaving town today. I had to order some new pants as my holey pair are beyond repair. I also ordered some freeze dried food, I’m really struggling with the food I’m eating at the moment which might be contributing to my weight loss and lack of energy. Though hiking more than 25 miles most days does lead to weight loss.

The town of Anaconda was a bust for breakfast this morning. Nowhere was open. So I made do with hotel coffee and some chocolate covered coffee beans I bought at the grocery store the day before. Life wasn’t all bad.

I unfortunately found myself at McDonald’s for lunch. The inspirational couple, Full Monty and Fix it joined me. One of the young kids who worked there was inspired to hear about the trail and the possibility of walking out his front door and either ending up in Canada or Mexico many weeks or months later.
I struggled with energy as I left Anaconda, I blame McDonalds, though the heavy pack loaded with enough food for around 150 miles was the real reason. I suspect that with the heavy pack I’ll be slow in the first few days, then slowly increase the miles as I eat my pack lighter. My next resupply is a town called Lincoln where I hope to catch up with some if my old PCT hiking buddies from last year, stay tuned to see who it is!

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