30th August 

22.8 miles

Farmers field (2244.4) to Ridgetop camp (2267.2)

Miles didn’t come easy today. Carrying six days worth of food meant my pack was rather heavy. Add to that the three litres of water and my pace slowed significantly. But I still made forward progress.

Mid morning another hiker caught up to me as I slowly made my way up the road. It was Short Cut. I first met him in Yellowstone. He caught up to me, we chatted for a while, then he blasted past me. I was almost embarrassed by my slow pace. It’s not just the heavy pack, my body is rather worn out.

I caught up to Fix It and Third Monty late in the day. They are also worn out. It seems that the trail rumours that circulate up and down the trail are telling many tales of worn out hikers. But slowly we keep moving north. Not far to go now.

The scenery wasn’t overly inspiring today. Or maybe it was but the smoke haze obscured the good stuff. There must be another wildfire somewhere nearby. Hopefully it will not affect the trail. I made camp early due to my fatique. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake with more energy.

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