CDT Day 154 Still the wind is too strong 

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18th – 19th September

6 miles

Two Medicine (2575.7) to Two Medicine (2581.7)

Teflon, Bubbles and I hitch hiked from East Glacier to Two Medicine. The intention was to hike backwards to the point we got turned around yesterday, thus completing the section of trail. The weather had other ideas. The wind was still 60 mile per hour in gusts in the town of East Glacier, goodness knows what it is in the mountains.

Again it was not safe to hike. We set up camp at the campground and sat out the crazy weather. I just wanted to hike. We all just wanted to hike but it was just not safe. We’re not frustrated, we’re patient. The weather is forecast to change for the better tomorrow.

While sitting at camp I spied a dark shake moving on the side of the distant hill. A grizzly bear. Teflon and I walked a little closer to the hill fir a closer look. A black bear too. A grizzly bear and a black bear next to the campsite.

We all set off the following morning to hike to the top of the pass. It was cold and I made it to my turn around point. We reached the bottom with all the best intentions of setting off towards Canada. But the weather had other ideas again. The forecast for rain and snow prevented us from setting off. The hard decision was made to head back to East Glacier and stay a couple of days then head off during the good weather window in the next couple of days. It just seemed like the safe thing to do, live to hike another day.

The forward forecast shows a good weather window next week. So for now my CDT hike is on hold again. That unfortunately means that Teflon is heading back home as her vacation time will not allow her to stay. I will make it to Canada, I will.

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  1. Sorry you are having to wait it out so close to the end of the trail! Best of luck to you as you reach the end of this journey.

  2. Just looked at a Map , god your soooo near , about 45k – 26 miles , you were banging that out in a day before. If the weather window pops open you going to rush it in one go ? You must be like a coiled spring .

  3. We always knew you would make it all the way but what a mission! You are still embracing some serious brutality. The advice from Mrs Zigzag and I is to keep off the bike for a few weeks and plant your butt on a beach somewhere.

  4. The winds were just as bad 2 weeks ago when my girlfriend and I hiked that same area, though we did Dawson and Pitamakan Loop, only one of those two passes are on the CDT. The winds shouldn’t be too dangerous for the trail at least from Two Medicine through Cut Bank Pass as the exposure is actually pretty limited; but I haven’t gone past Cut Bank Pass.

    As for your bear, we ran in to that grizzly about 2 miles outside of the Two Medicine Campground at the trail junction where the Two Medicine Campground trail and the Two Medicine Entrance Station trail combine. She/he was about 75 feet from us and stood up on his/her hind legs to get a better look at my girlfriend, but was not aggressive in any way. Once it saw both of us, it took off in to the bush at full speed.

    It’s probably a little late now for there to be any Thimbleberries left, but if you find any along the trail, I highly recommend them. You’re looking for the darker pinkish/reddish ones and the juicier the better. Here is a link to a picture of them:

    Safe travels and thanks again for posting your travels!

    1. The wind was brutal, just taking a break from the trail as they predict white out conditions and 2 feet of snow. I still have time to move north, I’m sure the same bears will be there

  5. Funny how you can’t wait to get back out there once you have rested up a bit. You will make it and especially since you are so close. One thing you sure can say about yourself is that you are an goal driven person!

    1. Yes I am a goal driven person, I guess my goals are experience related. I’m also rather determined with a large dose of patience

  6. The weather is holding all us hikers hostage. You have the wisdom of patience. You’ll make it. Improved weather is in the forecast. Colors are gorgeous.

    1. Lots of rest and some cycling in Central America. I’m also working on some other plans but will have to wait and see

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