CDT Day 24 Rest and Recovery 

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11th April

0 miles

Grants 411.3

Usually sleep does not come as easy for me in a hotel as it does camping out in the wilds. Last night was a grateful exception. First thing I checked was the condition of my feet. Thankfully they were not any worse than yesterday. Last night I was unable to walk properly. Ever had a paper cut? Yesterday it felt like that on my foot.

Yesterday and last night I cleaned and coated my feet with anti fungus cream and a broad spectrum anti bacterial/viral cream. I also soaked my shoes in a litre of rubbing alcohol. In combination I hoped all this will make my gross feet a bit better. And they have gotten much better.  I suspect I’ll be ok to start hiking again tomorrow. I think a late afternoon start will suit me and my body well.

Eating, buying food and resting was my only duty for the day. I also chilled out watching the media circus that is American politics. Oh, and my favourite sport Supercross. I used to race motorbikes back in the day.

The there was the spa bath, or hot tub as they call it in this part of the world, at the hotel. I’m staying at the Travelodge. Normally that’s out of my budget but they give a substantial hiker discount and include breakfast. My day off hiking was a pleasure. All going to plan I’ll be back on trail tomorrow afternoon.

5 days food, teady to hit the trail
the most relaxed I’ve been for a while

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    1. I post the computer to myself every 2 weeks or so. I sent it to towns where I plan to have a day of rest.

  1. So sorry to read about your feet. That sounds painful. I hope you were able to get back on the trail today. If not, enjoy another day of rest!

    1. It is feeling better, I’m confident I will be ok. All of my hiking group have some form of foot infection.

  2. That’s doesn’t seem like enough food for 5 days. Only 2 dehydrated dinners? Where do you get those spam snacks? I love the bacon bits!

    1. 2 freeze dried meals, a zip lock bags of dehydrated refried beans mixed with Doritos and bacon bits. I found the spam snacks at Walmart. For breakfast I have a mix of 1 freeze dried meal, granola with fruit and oats. And coffee with milk powder. I snack during the day on the rest of the food. It should be enough.

      1. You are experienced enough to know for sure. Didn’t mean to sound like I was questioning that. I got to find those spam snacks. They look great.

      2. No probs. I’ve never tried the small spam snacks, they might be good, they might not

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