CDT Day 4 I love the heat 

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21st April

22.8 miles (36.7km)

Bushcamp (54.3) to Bushcamp (77.1)

It was just after 7am when we faced the heat of the morning. I was kept company in the morning by many rabbits. All still hungry and not ready for bed yet I can assume. We also had plenty of practice climbing barbed wire fences today. I lost count of both rabbits and fences today.

The was a whole lot of nothing but heat today. It melted many a hiker today. I’m the only one who didn’t suffer. Not only did I not suffer, I enjoyed the nothingness today.  

Most hikers have only recently arrived in New Mexico, mostly from colder climates. So the 30 degrees Celcius today was hot. And there was not really any shade. A few scant shrubs at best.

By 5pm we had suffered about 19 miles. Everyone was baked and roasted for the day. I wanted to keep going. I felt fine. So I walked alone into the evening till the sun had set. I slept alone with only the coyotes for company. Tomorrow is only a short hike to the town of Lordsburg. Our first resupply town. We have all organised to meet up in town for breakfast.  

High Quality water on the CDT, It tasted much better than it looked.

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  1. Those desert pictures look like something out of an old Clint Eastwood movie. Does the water taste as bad as it looks even though you filter it? Again thanks for the many posts.

  2. That water tank looks just like ours on the ranch for our cattle. Yuck! I’ve been through the desert in New Mexico several times in a car but never on foot. I’m really enjoying your perspective and love seeing your pictures of the trail and this amazing experience. Thanks for taking the time to update such a wonderful blog for your readers.

  3. That “graded road” looks like a veritable highway compared to some of the roads in Wyoming :-D

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