Pagosa Springs

CDT Day 46-47 Pagosa Springs 

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2nd-3rd June

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Pagosa Springs

After being tested physically and mentally we needed some time to assess our future on the trail. Our ability to make a clear decision was clouded by fatigue and the comforts of a bed. Not to mention unlimited supplies of food.

The town of Pagosa Springs has a lot to offer the tourist. We took advantage of very little. We ate at several restaurants and drank beer at a couple of locations. The reality was that we rarely left our hotel room.

We spent hours discussing our future on the trail. But still we couldn’t decide what to do. On our first rest day we met 4 other hikers that were some of the first hikers to attempt this section of trail. We discussed the trail and our trials and tribulations. After sharing a meal and beer they set off on the trail. We hope to catch up with them.

The whole of our first rest day we were filled with indecision. It seemed whatever choice we made would be fought with negative implications. If we quit the trail for a week to wait for the snow to melt then it would cost a lot of money and we loose our rhythm on the trail. If we only have a short  rest then we face 7-8 days in the high snow covered mountains. And nobody has been through yet. If we headed off we would be the second group for the year. We would be entering the unknown. I both loved and hated that idea equally.

I had a sleepless night. My mind was in overdrive running every scenario through my head. I lay awake in my bed waiting for Spontaneous to wake. My first comment to him, “let’s head back to the trail tomorrow”. He agreed.

We spent the day preparing. 8 days of food was purchased and packed. We ate food and caught up with another hiker that arrived. Muley, the other hiker joined us for dinner. She was flipping ahead as are many other hikers. Most will then return here later to hike this section.

Decision made. Packed and ready to go we will be heading back to the mountains tomorrow. Into the unknown. We are both more knowledgeable about the area and will take everyday as it comes. If we have to bail off a section then so be it. We are ready. We are prepared. Bring it on.

drinking a well earned snob beer at a local brewery

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  1. Deja vu for me. After several soft snow days, I made my best hiking decision ever – took 2 weeks off trail at a friend’s place near Yosemite to let the snow melt. Made it up Whitney 5 days ago. What a crazy calorie burner. So much effort, appetite disappeared. Not good. Will adjust my style. Trading snow for high stream crossings. Fascinated with your trek. Thx

    1. What you forgot to mention is the hiker hunger when you descend to a lower altitude. I fondly remember my 9000 calorie day after climbing Whitney. Stay safe on those river crossings, I hear they are bad this year on the pct.

  2. Wow, what an adventure! I am happy you are safe.
    Thought about you a couple of times while hiking through the hot desert. Trying to send some heat…
    The comfort of snowshoes hardly depends on the snow conditions. Powdered snow is Fine, everything else pretty much sucks. So I can understand.
    Have been at my limit and beyond in the desert as well for a short moment when it all got too much. You’re right, that’s how we grow… Be strong!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You must have sent some heat here, but with the heat comes soft slushy snow and thunderstorms. Embrace the brutality.

  3. I bet you’ll do well. After all, it’s June now! The weather is supposed to be warm and dry for the upcoming week.

    1. Yes it is, explain that to Mother Nature as I just endured a thunderstorm and heavy rain. Blog updates to come.

  4. You are so conscientious about checking in. I look forward to reading your posts and hearing you are safe and continuing to learn so much concerning the adventure you hiking.

    1. I try to be, I fear it may be a week before I next get signal as I’m in some remote mountains. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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